Tito Ortiz beats Chuck Liddell

Tito Ortiz beats Chuck Liddell

Tito Ortiz beats Chuck Liddell

Fourteen years after their first bout and 12 years after their second, Ortiz defeated his rival for the first time with 36 seconds left in the opening frame. Previously, Ortiz lost to Liddell by knockout on two occasions in the UFC.

Mixed martial arts legends Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz return to the cage in the early hours of Sunday morning to renew their 14-year-long rivalry.

Ortiz struck Liddell several times why he was down on the mat before official Herb Dean quickly separated the two and called the fight.

After a couple of minutes of feeling out Liddell, Ortiz went in for the kill.

Leading up to the fight, Liddell insisted that he wasn't coming back for a single fight, a single payday, but wanted to continue fighting.

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For his part, a bruised and defeated Liddell didn't really want to address the future, although it's tough to imagine a scenario where at almost 49-years old he's going to compete again after this fight. Liddell vs Ortiz Live Stream - Can I watch the fight online?

And he somehow hasn't conceded he should've stayed retired - or that he won't fight again. You know how much your dad works.”. I was so happy to get inside the ring.

"I came back. I got in great shape". Chuck, hey, you pushed me hard. I made a mistake.

As for Liddell, it was hard enough seeing him compete on Saturday night and it would be even tougher to imagine a scenario where he fights again following the loss to Ortiz in their third and seemingly final confrontation. I wish I had performed better tonight for all the incredible people who came to support me.

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