Ivanka Trump: 'No equivalency' between her email use, Clinton's

Ivanka Trump: 'No equivalency' between her email use, Clinton's

Ivanka Trump: 'No equivalency' between her email use, Clinton's

The president, who still criticizes Clinton for using a private account while she was secretary of state, has defended his daughter.

As first daughter Ivanka spoke to ABC News about her use of a personal email account to conduct official White House business, many noticed she sounds raspy and hoarse.

"All of my emails that relate to any form of government work - which was mainly scheduling and logistics and managing the fact that I have a home life and a work life - are all part of the public record".

During the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Mr Trump said Mrs Clinton deserved to go to jail after classified information was found her private email server, while his supporters chanted "Lock her up!" at rallies.

In an interview with ABC she defended the usage, saying that she wasn't sending important work emails.

"In my case, all of my emails are on the White House server", she said.

"All of my emails are stored and preserved", Ivanka Trump told ABC News Tuesday.

"There were no deletions", she added. "But the fact is, we all have private email and personal emails to coordinate with our families".

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Meanwhile, Trump commented that she and her father have a good working relationship, even though they do not agree on all issues, because she is "incredibly candid with him". At a press conference a few weeks ago, he told reporters that Ivanka's emails "weren't classified like Hillary Clinton".

Last month, the former US Secretary of State said that she "would like to be president" when asked whether she wants to run again in 2020.

Republican and Democratic lawmakers have called for an investigation into her email use following reports last week that she used her personal account up to 100 times in 2017 to contact other Trump administration officials. My emails have not been deleted, nor was there anything of substance, nothing confidential that was within them.

"I don't think it was just a flat-out photo op but that it really, truly was a visit to see innovation in action", he said.

Asked whether Mueller's probe should be allowed to continue, Ivanka Trump said: "I think it should reach its conclusion".

Ivanka's lawyer Abbe Lowell has already dismissed comparisons between her email situation and Hillary Clinton's.

"If you want to see oil prices go to $150 a barrel", the president said. Running towards the border is heartbreaking, there's no other way to process it.

Clinton says she never knowingly emailed classified information.

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