Trump Sees a Meeting With North Korea's Kim as Soon as January

Trump Sees a Meeting With North Korea's Kim as Soon as January

Trump Sees a Meeting With North Korea's Kim as Soon as January

A North Korean soldier defected to South Korea early on Saturday, the South Korean military said.

The Seoul government is sticking to its plan to hold a groundbreaking ceremony for inter-Korean railway and road connection projects this year as agreed upon by their leaders in September.

The United States of America demands that North Korea take real action for denuclearization, while the North Korean regime calls for a peace treaty to be signed earlier to help ensure its survival.

After whistling twice, the South Korean train slowly traveled toward North Korea's Panmun Station, near the town of Kaesong, where the cars would be reconnected to a North Korean engine. This reports the South Korean news agency "Yonhap", citing the army leadership in Seoul.

The train pulled six cars carrying dozens of South Korean officials and experts, who will undertake an 18-day, 750-mile survey of railway tracks in the North. Seoul initially said the joint surveys wouldn't violate United Nations sanctions but later said that Washington had different views and the two sides had discussed the matter.

But the UN Security Council granted an exemption for the joint study last week, although it is unclear whether others will be given as the project progresses. A freight train that ran from Dorasan Station in the South to Panmun Station in the North was stopped on November 28, 2008, after inter-Korean relations became strained.

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"This signals the start of co-prosperity of the North and the South by reconnecting railways", Transport Minister Kim Hyun-mee said.

There is a passenger coach, a sleeping coach, an office coach and a wagon loaded with water for showers and laundry. The initiative is part of this year's ongoing inter-Korean collaboration projects. Seoul took 55,000 liters (14,529 gallons) of diesel, a UN-sanctioned item, to the North for the journey.

Twenty-eight South Korean officials including people from the unification, and land, infrastructure and transport ministries will inspect the 400-kilometer section from Gaeseong to Sinuiju through December 5.

The train will be used to inspect 1,200 kilometers of rail track in the North through December 18.

This will be the first time a South Korean train will run on tracks from Mount Geumgang to the Tumen River since the Koreas became divided in 1945.

The cross-border route was discontinued in 2008 when the relationship between the North and South grew worse due to North Korea's nuclear weapons program, per The New York Times.

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