Apple approves India’s controversial Do Not Disturb app

Apple approves India’s controversial Do Not Disturb app

Apple approves India’s controversial Do Not Disturb app

Apple is now hosting the app- "TRAI DND-Do Not Disturb"- as long as it does not compromise Apple's privacy norms and also meets Trai's objectives.

Apple has finally started implementing the anti-spam measures for iPhones in India after getting a warning from TRAI.

The Apple-picked iPhone app of the year is Procreate Pocket from Savage Interactive, which Apple liked for the "ingenious ability to use your Apple Watch as a color palette picker". Two apps were doing this with one called "Fitness Balance" and the other called "Calories Tracker".

India Today's report headline reads: "Apple blinks, approves DND app made by TRAI for iOS store and iPhone users".

HDFC has announced to bring back the old mobile banking app later today on Google Play and Apple App Store as it tries to fix the glaring issues in the new application, which is now unavailable for download. It requires at least iOS 12.1 to run. It's a restriction that Apple has been enforcing for over a year, so it's unlikely the developers didn't know about it. The Kika Keyboard app was on the top spot on the Play Store in the top keyboard app list, and Cheetah Mobile is said to be the largest developers in the Android ecosystem.

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It was also the first time Kenya failed to win a match in the Series since the London Sevens leg of the 2011/2012 season. The World Rugby Men's Sevens World Series action is also due to begin tomorrow in the same venue.

It seems people reported the apps to Apple, which likely led to their removal, though Apple itself hasn't released an official statement on the takedowns. On Android, Truecaller's anti-spam features have access to the phone's call logs and SMS as well. Once a user selects an unwanted call/message, DND will auto-generate the report and send them to the relevant carrier. Nonetheless, you can download TRAI DND right now on Apple's App Store and check it out for yourself.

Once you download an app while it is in the offer, you won't be charged anything when you download it later and can use the app forever for free.

But if you missed any of the above, now's the time to jump in - before we get a whole new slew in 2019.

Mobile phone users in India have to put up with phone calls and texts every day from sketchy companies.

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