Check Out This Massive Intact Blood Clot Someone Coughed Up

Check Out This Massive Intact Blood Clot Someone Coughed Up

Check Out This Massive Intact Blood Clot Someone Coughed Up

A man coughed up a freaky blood clot that was practically a copy of the inside of his lung, astonishing doctors around the world.

Wieselthaler and two other doctors subsequently submitted a report about the "curiosity" to the New England Journal of Medicine on November 29.

"An Impella ventricular assist device was placed for management of acute heart failure, and a continuous heparin infusion was initiated for systemic anticoagulation". But it's actually a blood clot, coughed up intact by a patient suffering from heart failure.

The patient was undergoing treatment at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Medical Center for a medical history of heart failure and had a pacemaker fitted to him.

A man has died after coughing up part of his lung, according to a report in the New England Journal of Medicine.

When Wieselthaler and his team delicately spread out the clot, they discovered "that the architecture of the airways had been retained so perfectly that they were able to identify it as the right bronchial tree based exclusively on the number of branches and their alignment".

He had been hooked up to a ventricular assist device - used to help circulate blood around the body - and administered anti-coagulation therapy (blood thinners).

Part of the man's right bronchial tree
Part of the man's right bronchial tree

The anti-coagulants the man was taking forced blood out of his pulmonary system and into his right lung.

"We were astonished", Wieselthaler said.

Fibrinogen is a type of protein in the blood that works to glue platelets together.

Along with blood and mucus, he brought up a his left bronchial tree - a series of tubes that distribute air to his lungs.

Sadly, however, the patient died about a week later due to further complications involving his heart.

The 36-year-old patient had been had been coughing up tiny blot clots for days and after an extreme coughing spell, this "very, very, very rare" clot emerged.

The 25-year-old mum went on to recover fully and delivered a healthy, full-term baby soon after.

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