House passes farm bill, sending it to Trump's desk

House passes farm bill, sending it to Trump's desk

House passes farm bill, sending it to Trump's desk

The House of Representatives followed through with passage of the farm bill Wednesday, sending the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 to President Trump for signature.

CBD is now a lot less illegal.

Quarles believes Kentucky's unique history with the growth of hemp will allow the state to hit the ground with both feet running, if the farm bill becomes law.

Even though you could smoke a hemp joint the size of a telephone pole and get nothing more than a cough and a headache, for decades the DEA has refused to recognize any distinction between hemp and marijuana that gets you high. But not precisely legal-yet. "This bill will also help clarify that resin products derived from hemp, like cannabinoids, will be legal on a federal level". Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) applauded the hemp provision as a big boost for the agricultural industry.

In an 87-to-13 vote, the Senate approved legislation that would allocate billions of dollars in subsidies to American farmers, legalize hemp, bolster farmers markets, and reject stricter limits on food stamps pushed by House Republicans.

And those who sell dried flower or CBD-infused products made from hemp can now ship across state lines without fear of prosecution as long as they are careful not to run afoul of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

While the last farm bill technically expired on October 1, many elements received funding through the end of the year. It's not going to happen tomorrow.

Village Farms' potential hemp and CBD business opportunities may include, but are not limited to, the conversion of a portion of its 5.7 million square feet of existing, high-tech greenhouse operations in West Texas (one of the best growing climates for hemp in the U.S.) should the state of Texas remove hemp from its controlled substance list. "So it's still illegal under federal law". "The money is not significantly more, but the secretary [of agriculture] has been given some flexibility" to create new markets for USA farm goods, Moore says.

Sturgeon calls May a 'lame duck leader' after confidence vote
Tory MPs were scheduled to vote yesterday evening on whether they have confidence in May. He said: "I have been asked how I will vote tonight".

As farmers enter loan renewal season, having a five-year bill is key for producers weathering tough economic times. All that's left now is for President Donald Trump to sign it. "There is going to have to be a process that goes to the USDA to set some standards". State governments may impose separate restrictions or requirements on the cultivation and the sale of hemp and hemp products. "We think the farm bill is in very good shape".

The bill also provides permanent funding to help veteran farmers and farmers who are minorities. Also dropped were eligibility changes that could have cut benefits to millions.

But don't expect flawless clarity.

Together, these moves suggest that commercial agriculture is expanding beyond a factory model of farming to embrace more geographically and environmentally sensitive approaches to producing food and fiber. John Kennedy (R-La.) said in a statement provided to LifeZette.

The bill would also increase the maximum amount of farmland permitted to be enrolled in CRP, from 24 million acres to 27 million. And for the first time in decades, it allows United States farmers to produce industrial hemp, a non-hallucinatory version of marijuana. "Hemp was one of the bright spots", he told Leafly. "We will address these issues in the next Congress".

Glenn Rodes has been growing hemp for research at James Madison University for three years.

The passage of the bill is "part of the momentum" in Congress to take up cannabis bills, Blumenauer said.

Congressman would "love" to regulate speech. "I have talked to the new committee leadership, and there is now a great deal of interest in talking about banking and research and veteran's access", Blumenauer said.

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