Facebook Gave Netflix, Spotify & More Access To Users' Private Messages

Facebook Gave Netflix, Spotify & More Access To Users' Private Messages

Facebook Gave Netflix, Spotify & More Access To Users' Private Messages

Mr Collins, who led Parliament's fake news inquiry, recently published internal Facebook documents that revealed it had cut off data access to rival companies that were threatening its business model.

While Facebook continues to profit off of data mining, the government seems wholly unprepared to tackle the complex issue.

Companies also rejected the results of the report. The Russian activity was part of a coordinated campaign to interfere with the US presidential election by sowing discord among voters. This is not only about Facebook, but it's also going to affect the reputation of all these companies involved, even though most have already declined to be aware of or abusing the special access given by Facebook.

But what Facebook underestimates, continually, is the extent to which this year has produced a "data-awakening" among the general public, and how now is the time for the company to lay it all out on the table. From Russian company Yandex to Chinese firm Huawei and the equally-irresponsible Yahoo, Facebook continued to offer these companies access to user data years after the company stopped sharing this data with other applications.

According to the publication, some of these deals date back as far as 2010, and some were still active this year.

The investigation shows a troubling pattern of Facebook allowing the tech companies they've partnered with to sidestep privacy rules in the name of profit.

Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, Facebook's head of developer platforms and programmes, said in a blog post early Wednesday that the Times report was about "integration partners" which enabled "social experiences - like seeing recommendations from their Facebook friends - on other popular apps and websites".

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This degree of access might have been a violation of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)'s 2011 decree that Facebook obtain explicit permission before sharing anyone's data. But in fact, applications had access to nearly all of a user's personal information.

Some have speculated Facebook may opt to roll out a paid tier of service exempting users from data sharing.

The only real mea culpa in Facebook's latest apology is that it didn't keep good enough tabs on the agreements, admitting that some deals were poorly handled.

"We recognize that we've needed tighter management over how partners and developers can access information using our APIs", the executive said. "You would have had to sign in with your Facebook account to use the integration offered by Apple, Amazon or another integration partner".

"Throughout our engagement with Facebook, we respected all user preferences", a Microsoft spokesman said in a statement. "For example, giving customers the option to sync Facebook contacts on an Amazon Tablet".

Amazon uses the information in accordance with its own privacy policy, he said.

Microsoft said it took steps to ensure that Facebook data wasn't used to create profiles for advertising or personalization purposes. Companies are reported to have been able to read and delete messages, and it isn't clear if users were explicitly told what access and permissions they had.

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