Harvey Weinstein: judge rejects bid to dismiss sexual assault charges

Harvey Weinstein: judge rejects bid to dismiss sexual assault charges

Harvey Weinstein: judge rejects bid to dismiss sexual assault charges

The ruling came about two months after Weinstein won dismissal of a charge involving a third woman after prosecutors revealed that a New York City police detective had withheld information during the investigation, and said they could no longer pursue the charge.

The flood of accusations brought the Me Too movement to the forefront of the public consciousness and triggered the fall of a string of high-profile men.

If Harvey Weinstein was in charge of this script, today he'd be looking to do a reverse of the "perp walk" he was led on after his arrest.

Weinstein, who appeared in court wearing a dark suit and blue tie, is facing five counts over an alleged rape in March 2013 and a forced act of oral sex in 2006. He denies all allegations of nonconsensual sex.

Burke could also keep the indictment in place, but grant the defense's request for an evidentiary hearing.

Wearing a dark suit, he walked slowly from a black SUV in NY up some stairs and into the courtroom through the main entrance.

Weinstein has been charged with multiple counts of sexual assault, including rape.

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Late last month, Weinstein's lawyers said they spoke to a woman who said the rape accuser asked her to corroborate her allegations, but the friend wouldn't "make up a story".

Brafman argued the case was "irreparably tainted by police misconduct" and wanted it dismissed.

Weinstein's lawyers say the case has devolved into chaos and was "irreparably tainted" by Det Nicholas DiGaudio's alleged interference with a witness and an accuser.

"Now, we'll see whether the breakthrough continues with the Weinstein case".

While he failed on Thursday to get all charges dismissed, Brafman did manage to get one count of a forced act of oral sex in 2004 - lodged by former actress Lucia Evans - thrown out in October. They also said the grand jury should have been shown evidence that Weinstein had exchanged friendly emails with his two accusers after the alleged attacks.

"We look forward to seeing justice served and seeing Harvey Weinstein prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law", the group said.

"The only reasonably prudent decision would be to stop this chaos now", Brafman said in a court filing. Their voices would "help their case tremendously", similar to how five witnesses testified against Bill Cosby before he was convicted and sentenced earlier this year for drugging and assaulting Andrea Constand. (Evans told her story to The New Yorker previous year.) DiGaudio also interviewed one of Evans' friends, who says she remembers Evans describing her encounters with Weinstein differently.

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