NÚKIB warns against Huawei and ZTE

NÚKIB warns against Huawei and ZTE

NÚKIB warns against Huawei and ZTE

He calls on Trudeau to reach out to the highest levels of the Chinese government.

China's tech giant Huawei announced at a press conference on december 18 that it has landed more than 25 contracts for 5G, which puts itself in a leading position in the global 5G commercial contracts.

Britain has been one of Huawei's biggest global markets.

As far back as 2003, the company was accused of stealing intellectual property, including from US -based network hardware maker Cisco. Unlike other big Chinese technology firms, it derives half of its revenue from overseas. "And there has been nearly zero Huawei equipment being used in the United States, so what is the evidence here to say that Huawei is not secure?"

This has exacerbated the woes of the Chinese firm, which has already been virtually locked out of the US market and has been prohibited by Australia and New Zealand from building 5G networks amid concerns its gear could facilitate Chinese spying.

"We categorically deny any suggestion that we pose a threat to national security", a Huawei spokesperson told Reuters. "And we did not have the opportunity to clarify this doubt with the Australian Government". The announcement did not specifically name Huawei or ZTE, but Huawei criticized the decision as political and based in "ideological prejudices", rather than actual security concerns.

Britain's largest mobile provider BT this month announced it was removing Huawei equipment from its 4G cellular network, days after the head of the MI6 foreign intelligence service singled out the company as a security risk. He added that Japan and France had not formally banned its telecom equipment.

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Two Canadians - former diplomat Michael Kovrig and businessman Michael Spavor - were detained last week by China amid a diplomatic row between the two nations, triggered by Canada's arrest of Huawei Technologies Co. She has been released on bail.

The detentions came after Canadian police arrested Huawei's CFO Meng Wanzhou.

Hu says cybersecurity is the number one priority for Huawei and trumps everything else.

French carrier OrangeSA last week also decided against buying Huawei gear for its 5G network. That work will continue until all security concerns are assuaged, people familiar with the matter have said. Use of these devices presents a security threat, it says.

Meanwhile, Huawei India has insisted that the concerns against the company have no basis, and is expected to conduct 5G trail runs from January next year in the country, as per the earlier directions of the Department of Telecom (DoT), Government of India.

Tensions between free commerce and national security are not new.

On the other hand the head of Germany's Federal Office for Information Security is quoted as telling a newspaper that it won't ban Huawei until it sees evidence of espionage. "If you have proof or evidence, it should be made known", said Hu.

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