Channel migrants: No easy answers to issue, says Javid

Channel migrants: No easy answers to issue, says Javid

Channel migrants: No easy answers to issue, says Javid

The United Kingdom's Home Office said on Sunday the men had been given medical checks and turned over to immigration officials for processing.

The Home Secretary's handling of the issue was described as "Dad's Army" by one critic, the Mail on Sunday says, while one MP called for boats to be seized.

More than 220 people have attempted the crossing in small boats since November.

The six Iranian men were discovered on a beach in Kent along with a rigid-hulled inflatable boat they are believed to have traveled in from France, British officials said.

Lucy Moreton also said it was "very hard to know" how much the French authorities were doing to prevent people-smuggling from the camps housing migrants around Calais.

Senior Conservatives accused Sajid Javid last night of not doing enough to stop migrants crossing the Channel after he agreed an action plan with France that did not include deploying extra boats.

However, compared with the number of refugees seeking asylum in the United Kingdom every year, the number who have attempted to cross the channel by dinghy is tiny, says BBC political correspondent Ben Wright.

Writing in the Sunday Mirror, Abbott said: "He has still to explain exactly how the Government plans to handle these mass criminal operations in British waters".

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Mr Javid declared the situation a "major incident" on Friday, appointing a "gold commander" to oversee the situation and give daily updates.

It added that Javid wants to ensure everything possible is being done to deter migrants from attempting the risky crossing, "amid concern that it is only a matter of time before people lose their lives".

She said: "It is feasible that were we to put additional craft (out) they might act as a magnet - encouraging people to make a perilous crossing".

Following calls from some MPs for the Government to bring in the Navy to help with the crisis due to the lack of Cutter ships available, defence secretary Gavin Williamson said the armed forces were ready and willing to help.

Chris Hogben, from the NCA, said its work with French colleagues had resulted in dozens of attempted crossings being prevented.

"We are co-ordinating to strengthen our actions to combat Channel crossings undertaken by certain irregular migrants on small boats, at peril of their lives".

He added that he anticipated further arrests in the coming weeks and thought more attempts to reach the United Kingdom were likely.

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