Floyd Mayweather easily beats kickboxer in boxing exhibition match

Floyd Mayweather easily beats kickboxer in boxing exhibition match

Floyd Mayweather easily beats kickboxer in boxing exhibition match

Back in mid-November, buzz developed about Floyd gearing back up for a bout against Tenshin Nasukawa.

Under the headline: 'Was the Floyd Mayweather fight fixed?' Jesse Holland wrote on mmamania.com: "Most of what I've seen online about the fight being fixed stems from Nasukawa's knockdowns".

Mayweather's record remains 50-0 as the fight was just an exhibition and won't count on his record.

The rules were strictly defined, with kickboxer Nasukawa reportedly facing a $5 million fine if he directed an iconic kick at Mayweather.

There is still speculation that Mayweather could be interested in coming out of retirement for the victor of Manny Pacquiao vs Adrien Broner on January 19th.

Shortly after this tough setback, Tenshin Nasukawa took to Instagram to issue a quick statement.

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It was also interesting to note that he effectively confirmed it was his final appearance in the ring, although fight fans know better than to take that as fact. "Tenshin is still undefeated, I did this just to entertain the fans".

Floyd Mayweather knocks dwon Tenshin Nasukawa. Nasukawa's corner throws in the towel before he can take any more damage. Tenshin is still undefeated - I'm still undefeated.

The fight was the conclusion of a freakish buildup that featured Mayweather repeatedly claiming it was off and then back on again.

The 41-year old Mayweather seemed loose and smiled for most of the bout as he easily blocked the punches from the 20-year old kickboxer. We had fun but I want to thank God for this unbelievable turn out. "Tenshin is still a champion and a great fighter".

"I'm still retired. I don't look forward to coming back to boxing", Mayweather said.

The ruthless victory inside two minutes doesn't go down on each of the fighters' records as Mayweather returned to the ring for the first time since his bout against UFC's Conor McGregor in August 2017.

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