Trump claims he has not 'abandoned' a concrete border wall

Trump claims he has not 'abandoned' a concrete border wall

Trump claims he has not 'abandoned' a concrete border wall

Nancy Pelosi is set to reclaim the speaker's gavel on Thursday, when Democrats take control of the House of Representatives.

Trump on Saturday blamed Democrats "and their pathetic immigration policies" for "any deaths of children or others" in USA custody at the border, a ramp-up in rhetoric over wall funding.

The House is planning two separate votes for Thursday.

"It's simple: The Senate is not going to send something to the President that he won't sign", said Don Stewart, a spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Migrants from Central America say they want to reach the U.S. to escape poverty and gang violence. "But that goes on in Washington every day". It likely won't receive much support from House Republicans, but the Democrats may be able to get it through the House anyway.

He pushed House Republicans to vote on the matter before they lost control of the lower chamber. Democrats rejected it, however, and eventually prevailed in getting an omnibus spending bill that ignored immigration altogether, setting the stage for the December 2018 showdown.

Rep. Walter Jones is anxious that President Donald Trump's proposed border wall will add to the federal debt - so anxious, in fact, that he's proposing the president pony up some of his own money for the wall. There are many options for that type of deal.

The package will include six other bills to fund the departments of agriculture, interior, housing and urban development and others closed by the partial shutdown. Richard Shelby, the Alabama Republican who chairs the Senate Appropriations Committee, urged party leaders to come back to the table to find a way forward.

The president's demand for "border security" funding triggered a partial government shutdown with no end in sight.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, poised to become House speaker, and Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer, said senators have already voted for a February 8 funding bill during votes two weeks ago.

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- If the shutdown standoff continues, all workers in the departments and agencies affected by the closing will miss their next paycheck on January 11. Lawmakers could also keep current spending levels into March or later.

"If Mexico isn't going to be made to pay for a wall, that means funds must be found internally", the North Carolina Republican said in a statement Friday. The money could have been used only to build existing designs such as steel bollard fencing, and the barriers couldn't be built in the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge in Texas along the banks of the Rio Grande. Trump held out for billions in federal funds for a border wall between the US and Mexico, which Democrats have said they were intent on blocking. Senators were frustrated that Trump had dismissed their earlier legislation. Democrats refuse to give him the money. Limits on the $400 million could direct the money to mutually agreeable uses.

He also took pride that he kept politics out of the decision-making process at the White House, an issue that Trump's allies repeatedly expressed frustration about the new chief of staff. The impasse - and the collateral damage from a partially shuttered federal government - begins the new era of divided government in which Democrats must balance ambitions for a bipartisan agenda with oversight of a president they hope to unseat in 2020.

"Whatever compromise is reached, it should be paid for without adding to the deficit or the debt", Jones wrote, offering a handful of other suggestions, including cutting foreign aid and the effort in Afghanistan.

"An all concrete Wall was NEVER ABANDONED", Trump tweeted on Monday. That was scuttled after conservatives insisted on changes to legal immigration, and court challenges halted attempts to deport the immigrants.

"(The) President didn't commit but I think he's very open minded", Graham said, adding that Trump's first response to the plan was describing it as "interesting".

- Trump wins: The name of the game in shutdown fights is avoiding blame.

Trump's outgoing chief of staff John Kelly, who has been largely uninvolved in the shutdown negotiations, said in an interview published Sunday that the wall Trump is hammering Democrats over is not actually a concrete wall and hasn't been since the early days of the administration. On Sunday, he tweeted about a "SchumerShutdown". He has remained out of the public eye since returning early last Thursday from a 29-hour trip to visit US troops in Iraq, instead taking to Twitter to attack Democrats. Trump has promised to oppose any plan to re-open the government that does not include funding for his signature campaign progress. Mr Trump claimed the deaths were "strictly the fault of the Democrats and their pathetic immigration policies that allow people to make the long trek thinking they can enter our country illegally".

She also said it "reopens federal agencies ... and ensures that the federal government is working for the American people".

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