Van slams into pedestrians on Tokyo road, injuring 8 people

Van slams into pedestrians on Tokyo road, injuring 8 people

Van slams into pedestrians on Tokyo road, injuring 8 people

Attacker arrested; says he was exacting "retribution for the death penalty", planned to burn the rented vehicleTOKYO Nine people were hurt, one seriously, when a man deliberately ploughed his auto into crowds celebrating New Year's Eve along a famous Tokyo street, police and media said Tuesday.

The incident happened in the tourist and shopping destination of Harajuku on Takeshita Street, which is close to the Meiji Shrine.

The street was closed to vehicular traffic at the time as it was expected to be crowded with people, including those making New Year's visits to the nearby Meiji Shrine, one of the biggest Shinto shrines in Japan.

Kyodo reported that investigative sources said the man claimed he had intentionally committed an act of terrorism "in retaliation for an execution" and "would not make any excuse" for what he did. The vehicle stopped after crashing into a building.

One of those injured, a 19-year-old undergraduate, remains unconscious in critical condition in hospital.

Another 109 other people remain on death row.

Throngs to pack Times Square for mild, rainy New Year's Eve
Umbrellas were banned as part of the tight security plan, police said, reflecting concern over the possibility of random attacks. At 10 p.m., Lisa "Kennedy" Montgomery and Pete Hegseth will co-host " All-American New Year " live from Times Square.

Kusakabe told police he drove from Osaka with the intent of killing pedestrians he hit.

A tank with 20 litres of kerosene was also found inside the rented auto, which he said was meant to be used to set the vehicle ablaze after the rampage.

The Kyodo News service reported that a ninth person was injured and that the driver had been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

One eyewitness told public broadcaster NHK of witnessing a "ghastly scene" with people collapsing on the street.

Meanwhile in Germany, police have detained a 50-year-old man on suspicion of ramming his auto into a crowd of people after midnight on New Year's Eve at a crowded plaza in the north-western town of Bottrop.

Local media reported that the student was in a coma. In early July 2018, Japan executed 13 members of the Aum Shinrikyo sect that was responsible for the sarin gas attack in a Tokyo subway in 1995.

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