Windows 10 surpasses Windows 7 to become most popular desktop OS

Windows 10 surpasses Windows 7 to become most popular desktop OS

Windows 10 surpasses Windows 7 to become most popular desktop OS

Microsoft has also removed the Cortana voice-over from Windows 10 setup for enterprise users.

But new Windows 10 installs have continued growing at a strong and steady pace and reached nearly 700 million devices back in May.

Microsoft's latest Windows 10 19H1 Insider Preview for the fast ring expands the availability of password-less sign-in and a revamped Windows Hello PIN reset from Windows 10 Home to all Windows 10 editions.

If you don't yet have a Microsoft phone number account, you can download any of its apps on your Android or iOS device and sign up with your phone number under "Sign in or Sing up for free". In the Windows April Update 2018, the FLAC support was already messed up as it only showed broken metadata and music rating. It's now possible to create a Microsoft account that uses a one-time code delivered over SMS as its primary authenticator, rather than a conventional password.

With just over one year left before Microsoft ends extended support for Windows 7, expect to see Windows 10 continue to increase its market share. Once the account is set up, they can use Windows Hello Face, Fingerprint, or a PIN (depending on the device's capabilities) to sign into Windows 10.

Microsoft suggested creating password-replacement offerings such as Windows Hello, a facial recognition technology, Authenticator app, and FIDO2 security keys. Users can also name tile folders on Windows 10 devices.

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"HI THERE! I'M CORTANA, and I'm here to help", says a cheery voice when you boot up your Windows 10 PC for the first time.

Select "sign in options" and then click on alternatives such as PIN lock and sign in.

That includes the ability to add new voices in other languages without having to go through the trouble of downloading language packs.

Actions in Narrator Home such as QuickStart and settings are now buttons, while a new "Narrator + 5 twice" command renders current character phonetics. It's still there. This means when it's talking, you won't be able to skip parts of the setup experience.

Cursor and Pointers: Building on our mouse work announced with 18298, we've added 11 additional mouse pointer sizes in the Cursor and Pointers settings.

There's also a long list of bug fixes, including one for the new Windows Sandbox that was introduced in build 18305.

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