Elizabeth Warren Blitzes Iowa With Populist Message

Elizabeth Warren Blitzes Iowa With Populist Message

Elizabeth Warren Blitzes Iowa With Populist Message

Warren ran into trouble before the campaign even began when she took a DNA test that found her to be less than one percent ethnically Native American.

"It's time to dream big and fight hard, not just for those at the top, but for an America that works for everyone", Warren told about 500 in western Iowa Friday evening. He will oversee the senator's grassroots mobilization, national operations and planning in the early states, they said.

"Why did you undergo the DNA testing and give Donald Trump more fodder to be a bully?" the unnamed audience member asked.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren this week fired a clear warning shot at billionaire Democrats considering running for president by calling for a rejection of super PACs and self-funding in the 2020 primary.

If there's a message from the vibrant crowds, it's that Iowa Democrats are far from tired of an impending 2020 campaign, despite a bruising midterm election fight.

Trying to stick to her message, she said, "What 2020 is going to be about is not about my family".

She didn't hesitate, however, to allude to potential rivals Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg, both billionaires, by arguing for elections free from the influence of billionaires.

Despite the friendly reception that Warren received, retired teacher Carla Hawkins of Council Bluffs was far from ready to commit. And I don't know. And, Michel, I would say the constant thing I've been hearing from people is they're looking for someone who's electable, somebody who can beat Donald Trump.

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Asked if he thought Warren believed she could defeat him in 2020, Trump said, "I don't know".

In more than a dozen interviews with self-described independents and Democrats at Warren events over the weekend, the issue of "electability" emerged as a common theme. "Those are the issues we need to worry about, and that's where we need to focus".

Warren's exploratory committee goes on to suggest that questioning her claim to Native American ancestry is akin to spreading a rumor that former President Obama was operating under a forged birth certificate.

The Democratic senator talked a lot about the federal government investing too much in America's wealthy and well-connected at her events in Council Bluffs, Sioux City and Des Moines. "Many winning House candidates rejected corporate PAC money in 2018 - and won", the group, which supports Warren, said in an email to supporters.

"Today, a minimum wage job in America, full time, will not keep a mama and a baby out of poverty", she said, arguing the fight for the middle class has been her life's work as a teacher, professor and USA senator.

"I think this is a moment for all of the Democratic candidates as they come into the race to say: In a Democratic primary, we are going to link arms and we're going to grass-roots funding". Warren's staff logged the names and contact information for those interested in more information.

"Michelob Ultra - the club soda of beers", Warren said. Barack Obama's Iowa political director for the 2008 caucus and as a senior adviser to Hillary Clinton in the state eight years later, has signed on with Warren, along with Janice Rottenberg, according to two sources.

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