NYC Mayor Announces Health Care Coverage For All New York City Residents

NYC Mayor Announces Health Care Coverage For All New York City Residents

NYC Mayor Announces Health Care Coverage For All New York City Residents

"Mayor Bill de Blasio is announcing Tuesday that the city is rolling out a program to provide health care to all New York City residents, including undocumented immigrants", writes ABC News. But the city already does that.

ABC 7 reports NYC Care will guarantee health care for approval 600,000 people without health insurance in NY.

"With the city's own projections of a slowdown of the real estate market, and a volatility on Wall Street, I don't think its the right time to begin an additional large scale entitlement program that will be on the hook to ensure 600,000 people at its start and an unpredictable amount as new folks comes in", Borelli said.

Yet taxpayers are at risk for bigger bills: Programs like this are infamous for busting past projected costs.

"Health care isn't just a right in theory, it must be a right in practice".

'The Republicans in Washington have been trying to tear down health care, we're doing the opposite, ' de Blasio said.

Yes, once-cash-strapped H+H's finances are, for now, OK.

De Blasio said the plan will offer public health insurance on a sliding price scale that is based on income.

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There will be no tax increases to pay for this plan.

Officials aren't committing state dollars to subsidizing Inslee's program but suggesting that premiums paid by consumers will support it. Insurance carriers and health care providers who participate in the program will also likely be squeezed.

All of New York City's uninsured-including illegal aliens-can go to city hospitals and receive treatment on demand. Mayor de Blasio is an expert at unveiling cloud-castles and proclaiming himself a master builder.

President and CEO of the NYC Health + Hospitals Mitchell Katz said because it was a "comprehensive clinic" if someone needed hospital services, the city would help them get to another Health + Hospital facility. "For people who have the ability to pay, we'll be expecting that people pay what they can". New Yorkers can access the program via the city's website or by calling 311.

The option will also provide healthcare to undocumented immigrants, said de Blasio, because they are still part of the community. "He must stop abusing the middle class and treating us like his personal ATM". It is the worst way to get health care. "It is the worst way to get health care".

De Blasio said it will be paid for through the public health care system and he believes it will ultimately save money by preventing trips to the emergency room.

The mayor's office was quick to say that its plan, to be called NYC Care, would not be a substitute for any universal health care at the state level or a national single-payer plan.

The city's hospital system has been under severe financial strain and running deficits for years.

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