Samsung unveils living room-friendly 75-inch Micro LED TV at CES

Samsung unveils living room-friendly 75-inch Micro LED TV at CES

Samsung unveils living room-friendly 75-inch Micro LED TV at CES

The timing of Apple's new iTunes app coincides with the impending launch of a new Netflix-style streaming service that has reportedly cost the company over $1 billion to develop.

Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. announced a deal that only recently would have seemed unthinkable: The iPhone maker will begin offering iTunes movies and TV shows on its arch rival's TV sets.

While this isn't the full list of TVs that will eventually have AirPlay 2 support if you want to use AirPlay 2 directly on your TV, but don't want to wait months to get a new one, these options are all our top recommendations you can buy right now.

With this integration, Samsung Smart TV users can browse through their existing iTunes library right from the big screen. So far, iTunes has really only been available through the Apple TV, and bringing it exclusively to Samsung's Smart TVs is kind of a surprising move from Cupertino. We're sure this is no coincidence - if Apple doesn't provide access to this service on third-party TVs soon, we'll eat our hats.

This is the first time Apple has opened up its closely-guarded walled garden and allowed third-party home entertainment devices to access iTunes video content. It's possible that the iTunes movies and TV shows app will be revamped to include this in the near future.

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Making a new TV announcement stand out is hard at CES, but LG has managed it this year with the unveiling of their OLED R, which can roll and unroll as part of its storage and use.

In other words, Apple is - by stealth - making a play to not only steal viewing time from competing content services, but giving a huge chunk of the TV viewing community entry to its vision of the connected home, without ever having to walk into an Apple Store.

AirPlay 2 support will enable iOS and macOS users to stream content such as videos, music, photos from their device or do display mirroring.

If you aren't watching native 8K content that's okay because Samsung has 8K AI Upscaling technology inside of the new Q900 QLED series of TVs, where native 4K content upscaled to 8K should look good but I'm not too sure on 1080p content being upscaled to 16x its native resolution. The new app will allow people to watch movies and TV shows they've already bought on iTunes, or buy new ones.

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