Google announces big plans for voice assistant at CES 2019

Google announces big plans for voice assistant at CES 2019

Google announces big plans for voice assistant at CES 2019

Google at CES 2019 announced it is bringing several new features to the Google Assistant and showed off some cool devices that it says will be using the voice assistant.

Pixel users can access Google Assistant even when their Android device is locked.

It's not just small and low-priced devices where this new program comes into play. In addition to a new set of Google Assistant devices from partners like Lenovo and Sonos, one of the most fascinating and helpful announcements coming out of CES is actually a new built-in feature called the interpreter mode.

Google has some bright new ideas for the Google Assistant over 2019. Everybody and their mothers (and a few relatives) are rushing to make their products "smart" by integrating them with either the Assistant or Alexa. Interpreter Mode will support dozens of languages, according to Google, so you can conduct conversations in real time with an interpreter on hand.

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The most notable change discussed was a new "Interpreter Mode" that promises to translate speech from foreign languages in real-time. Google says they've developed this feature keeping in mind tourists and people who travel often to various countries and need to communicate with local stuff at hotels during check-in or understand local rules and schedules. The company said it expected to hit a billion devices with Assistant by the end of the month on over 10,000 different devices from more than 1,000 brands. You can also view your boarding pass in Google Pay by saying "Hey Google, show me my boarding pass".

Within a few weeks, Google will roll out Interpreter Mode for Google Assistant on Google Home devices and smart displays.

The flight check-in works if you have a flight confirmation in your Gmail. You can say, "Hey Google, I'd like to book the Cambria Hotel in NY on January 12th", to see pricing and availability, and pay through Google Pay.

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