Quick Read: Saudi woman fleeing 'abusive' family leaves Bangkok airport

Quick Read: Saudi woman fleeing 'abusive' family leaves Bangkok airport

Quick Read: Saudi woman fleeing 'abusive' family leaves Bangkok airport

"This should be the standard for any individual who claims that his or her life is in danger". We are still waiting to find out if Rahaf's asylum application will be accepted once she reaches Australia. "We will not send anyone to die".

In April 2007, another Saudi woman fleeing her family was forced to return to her country while she was in transit in the Philippines.

The Thai immigration chief said on Monday the embassy had alerted Thai authorities to the case, and said that the woman had run away from her parents and they feared for her safety.

He said that the Thai authorities were the ones who confiscated her passport for violating the entry regulations and they are taking the appropriate action accordingly. Via Twitter she wrote that she feared for her life if she was sent back to Saudi Arabia where she said she was being forced into a marriage. The office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees said in a Tuesday statement that it would look into Alqunun's case "to assess her need for worldwide protection".

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Busadee Santipitaks said the ministry had no advance notice of plans to turn back al-Qunun.

Late on Sunday, Human Rights Watch issued a statement urging local authorities to "immediately halt the planned deportation" of the young woman.

Now, what happened to her is that her family members actually flew to Manila.

Thailand's immigration police chief says the young Saudi woman seeking passage to asylum in Australia will be temporarily admitted to Thailand for evaluation by the United Nations refugee agency.

She said she was detained after leaving her plane in Bangkok and told she would be sent back to Kuwait.

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Surachate's announcement came after Thai authorities allowed a United Nations team to meet with Alqunun.

Giuseppe De Vincentiis, the UNHCR representative in Thailand, told journalists he did not know where Alqunun would be staying but that she would be safe because she was under his agency's protection.

According to al-Qunun, her family had beaten her frequently, and one time kept her locked in a room for six months because they did not approve of the way she had cut her hair.

He said Alqunun's father and brother were due to arrive soon in Bangkok, but that it was her decision whether to meet with them.

Qunun barricaded herself in a Bangkok airport hotel room, refusing to leave and posting determined calls for asylum on social media to draw attention to her plight. The friend also explained that the young woman "received a threat from her cousin-he said he wants to see her blood, he wants to kill her".

Surachate later alleged that Kuwait Airways had been at fault for allowing Alqunun to board her flight to Thailand without having proper travel documents.

HRW's Australian director Elaine Pearson said since Australia has expressed concern in the past about women's rights in Saudi Arabia, it should "come forward and offer protection for this young woman". She was trying to travel to Australia via a connecting flight in Bangkok reportedly to seek asylum, news reports said.

Earlier Thai immigration authorities denied Qunun's allegations that they were acting at the behest of the Saudi government, saying she was refused entry to Thailand on Saturday night because she did not have the proper documents for a visa on arrival. She had tried to escape before but had failed and her family were now extra vigilant, monitoring her every move, removing all her electronic devices so she could not communicate with the outside the world.

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