Jayme Closs Reunited With Aunt, Suspect’s Court Date Set

Jayme Closs Reunited With Aunt, Suspect’s Court Date Set

Jayme Closs Reunited With Aunt, Suspect’s Court Date Set

During a news conference, Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said Jayme was taken against her will.

Minutes later police arrested the man she identified as her captor, Jake Thomas Patterson, and have charged him with abducting Closs and fatally shooting her parents.

Jake Patterson, 21, was arrested and is expected to be charged with two counts of first-degree murder and one count of kidnapping, police said. 88 days of holding onto the faith that our authorities would never give up, and they certainly did not, 88 days with the same goal in mind: "that was to bring Jayme home and back into our arms", Barron Area School District Administrator Diane Tremblay said. As of 4 p.m. Friday, she had been reunited with some of her family, with more reunions to follow. "She did say that", Kasinskas told CNN.

He acknowledged that Jayme may not be the same person she was before she disappeared.

It said she was located near the town of Gordon, close to Lake Superior and approximately 75 miles (120 kilometers) north of her home in rural Barron, Wisconsin.

Patterson is believed to have allegedly targeted Jayme, but there appeared to have been no contact between the pair prior to her abduction, officials said. The decorations spelled out her name in big, glittery letters, and they included green bulbs and ribbons.

"She seemed kind of in shock and kind of timid", Kasinskas said.

In the wooded area, which has few year-round residents, police blocked access to a cabin believed to be that of the 21-year-old suspect, the newspaper said.

Detectives pursued thousands of tips, watched dozens of surveillance videos and conducted numerous searches in the effort to find Jayme.

"We are just happy everyone kept praying and didn't give up hope, like we didn't", Jennifer Smith, her aunt and godmother, told ABC News on Thursday evening.

During the 20 minutes Jayme was in their home, Peter and Kristin Kasinskas said they tried to make her feel more comfortable. I mean, how she got out, we don't know that yet, you know, it wasn't just on her own.

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"I'm going to hug her. Squeeze her", Naiberg told the Star-Tribune.

"Whatever other details may surface, the most important will still remain that she is alive", Smart said.

Her grandfather, Robert Naiberg, told the AP that his daughter told him that Jayme had been held by "a guy in the woods" but had managed to flee. "I've been in the dumpster for three months".

A woman said she was walking her dog along a rural road on Thursday afternoon when a dishevelled teenage girl called to her for help, grabbed her and told her she was lost.

Police found her parents James Closs, 56, and Denise Closs, 46, shot dead, and undertook a nationwide search for Jayme, describing her as "endangered", but the trail had gone cold until Thursday.

"I have a gut feeling she's (Jayme's) still alive", Fitzgerald said at the time.

Jayme had been missing since October 15.

Authorities discovered Jayme was missing on October 15 of a year ago, after her parents - James, 56, and Denise Closs, 46 - were found murdered inside a home on the outskirts of Barron, Wisconsin. Jayme was taken to a hospital for an evaluation.

Ms Kasinkas told the AP she taught Mr Patterson, who lives just three doors away, in secondary school but did not remember much about him.

Jayme had been missing since October 15, when police discovered someone had broken into her family's home in Barron, killed her parents and apparently abducted her.

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