Ronda Rousey officially has her WrestleMania 35 opponent

Ronda Rousey officially has her WrestleMania 35 opponent

Ronda Rousey officially has her WrestleMania 35 opponent

Nia Jax, in a surprise move, entered the men's Royal Rumble as the 30th entrant into the event hours after she was eliminated from the women's event. Will we find more about the relationship between the former family members? Rousey vs Lynch for the Raw Women's Championship has a real shot at being the first ever women's match to main event WWE's biggest show of the year. But when she put it in that perspective, I started to think about it differently.

"Its pathetic how so many fans are losing their immature s*** over sasha banks' [sic] wardrobe malfunction on raw last night". With one match, Bayley reminded us all of the beloved rising star from NXT who was ready to headline for the main roster.

Nia Jax was recently interviewed by Bleacher Report to talk about several professional wrestling topics.

Lynch called out Ronda Rousey and said that she wanted a piece of her.

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Decker, who is vastly underpaid as a women's pro hockey player, responded to the gesture with gratitude on Saturday. I would contend that this entirely tone deaf "well actually" on behalf of the league only makes it look worse.

Above everything else, Bayley not just impressed in a match against the former UFC Champion, but the crowd was unanimously on her side. After all, the fans always have.

Earlier in the night, Lynch submitted to SmackDown Women's Champion, Asuka in the opening match. She looked at Rousey and announced that she wanted to face her at WrestleMania 35.

Due to his Royal Rumble win last night, Rollins was told by Triple H at the top of Raw this week that he'd have to make his WrestleMania decision by the end of night.

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