Pelosi and Trump harden positions on border wall

Pelosi and Trump harden positions on border wall

Pelosi and Trump harden positions on border wall

U.S. President Donald Trump and congressional Democrats on Thursday hardened their positions over a wall being built on the border with Mexico, raising new doubts over their ability to reach a deal just as negotiations were getting underway.

She also called President Trump's proposal to offer DACA protections in exchange for wall funding a "non-starter".

The House speaker said "of course" she'd bring the vote to the floor if the conference committee comes out with a "bipartisan consensus", however, she didn't seem to compromise on funding for a wall.

Trump initially responded that he would give the speech at another venue, but later said via Twitter that he wasn't considering alternative locations and that he would wait to give his address after the government reopens "because there is no venue that can compete with the history, tradition and importance of the House Chamber".

"There's not going to be any wall money in the legislation", she said. Trump has said the odds of avoiding a shutdown are "less than 50-50". And its members are vowing to build a wall themselves.

But in his tweetstorm Thursday, Trump dropped the semantics.

The government was shut down for a record 35 days after President Donald Trump and congressional Democrats came to an impasse over funding for a wall along the southern border.

Trump also indicated in another tweet the extent to which he may already be resigned to Congress not satisfying him on "the DESPERATELY needed WALL".

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"There's 600 miles of something - 300 miles of them are Normandy fences", she said. "Wall is already being built, I don't expect much help!" he added.

Republican allies of the president said there will have to be some money to meet Mr Trump's demands. Lawmakers negotiating the bill are well aware that he could quash an agreement at any time, plunging them back into crisis.

Though they made tailored demands of their fellow lawmakers now negotiating a budget solution, the four also referenced their broader ambitions moving forward, saying "we need comprehensive immigration reform".

Trump wants $5.7 billion for his proposed wall along the U.S. -Mexico border.

The Democratic offer was just a starting point in House-Senate talks on border security funding that kicked off in a basement room in the Capitol.

"A lot of the Republicans told me they wished he (Trump) would not do that", Leahy said. He said Trump would likely declare a national emergency, a threat he's issued for some time in order to bypass Congress to appropriate funds for a wall.

The Democratic plan includes new money for customs agents, scanners, aircraft and boats to police the border, and to provide humanitarian assistance for migrants.

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