Instagram's world record mystery egg creator revealed

Instagram's world record mystery egg creator revealed

Instagram's world record mystery egg creator revealed

The egg photo began as a bit of mystery. In the spot, the egg literally cracks and collapses, ostensibly due to the stress of being Instagram-famous - and then directs users to, a site with links to mental-health organisations around the world. "Recently I've started to crack", the advert starts, accompanied by an animation of the egg crumbling to pieces.

"If you're struggling, talk to someone", the egg advises before resurrecting to a happier, shell-intact form.

That's so thoughtful, right?

Fortunately, the indomitable little egg soon pulls itself back together and offers the positive note of "we got this" while sporting a cheerful grin. The simple photo now holds the world record for most likes on the platform. The viral egg is now promising some sort of "big reveal" during this year's Super Bowl, with Hulu sharing similar teasers.

Hulu's Instagram bio now reads "Get crackin'" with an egg emoji, and as of an hour ago, the egg has even appeared in a post promoting their upcoming original series Shrill.

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The image has now earned more than 52 million likes on Instagram. The Instagram version of the clip links to, which lists global mental health resources by country.

Eugene was first posted on Instagram on January 4 as part of an experiment to set a new world record for its number of likes.

The egg concept has since been revealed as the brainchild of 29-year-old advertising creative Chris Godfrey, who works at The & Partnership in London.

The egg creators, however, say that mental health is just the first cause the egg will stand up for.

Speaking to CNET after breaking the record, the anonymous user behind the egg account called the yolk-filled shell "Eugene" and said that it was "appreciative of the unbelievable support".

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