Russia plans new missile systems to counter U.S. by 2021

Russia plans new missile systems to counter U.S. by 2021

Russia plans new missile systems to counter U.S. by 2021

The INF treaty, signed in 1987, has been a centrepiece of superpower arms control since the Cold War.

A new weapon: The breakdown of the treaty could herald a worrying new era in weapons development.

Vladimir Putin said Russian Federation would leave the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty and develop new weapons on Saturday, the day after the United States announced its withdrawal.

Russia's foreign affairs chief, Sergei Lavrov, also that Washington acted in "direct violation" of the 1987 deal.

The steps are being taken as a response to the USA suspending its participation in the INF (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces) treaty and aiming to withdraw completely in six months.

"The issue of missiles under the treaty is directly linked to security in East Asia".

Japan was the target of USA atomic bombs at the end of World War II but now stands under that country's nuclear umbrella. It bans the development and deployment of ground-launched nuclear missiles with ranges of 500 to 5,500 kilometers.

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And he said Russian Federation would seek to develop medium-range missiles in response to what he said were similar projects in the US.

The Russian military should start work on creating land-based launch systems for an existing ship-launched cruise missile, the Kalibr, and for longer-range hypersonic missiles which travel at least five times the speed of sound, he said.

"If US missiles are deployed in Poland or the Baltic states, they'll be able to reach Russian Federation in minutes". However, in talks this week in Beijing, the United States and Russia reported no breakthrough in their dispute, leaving little reason to think either side would change its stance on whether a Russian cruise missile violates the pact.

When the Trump administration pulled the plug on a decades-old nuclear arms treaty with Russian Federation, it set the stage for delicate talks with USA allies over potential new American missile deployments. He also endorsed the army's suggestion to make a ground-based model of the Kalibr cruise missile, which is now fitted on planes, warships, and submarines.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu was cited by RIA news agency on Tuesday as ordering the military to begin developing the new missile systems and make sure the technology works by 2021, Reuters reported.

Although Russia's president, Vladimir Putin, has said that Moscow should not participate in a new arms race with Washington, Russia has now signalled it will develop new land-based missiles as quickly and at as low a cost as possible. "As is known, the INF Treaty gave a start to the process of nuclear disarmament". Now, nothing prevents Russian Federation or the United States from deploying this destabilizing class of intermediate-range nuclear-armed missiles.

President Trump has chosen to surround himself with risky advisors who, in defiance of President Reagan's vision, choose to put all humanity at risk by pursuing a perpetual nuclear arms race.

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