Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax to face impeachment

Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax to face impeachment

Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax to face impeachment

Tyson alleges she had an encounter with Fairfax in 2004, in which she was forced to perform oral sex on him.

Watson says she never dated Fairfax or had a romantic relationship with him, but was his friend at the time. It is demonstrably false.

"As one of seven working on a 359-page yearbook, I can not endorse or associate myself with every photo, entry, or word on each page", Norment said.

"I will clear my good name and I have nothing to hide. I have passed two full field background checks by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and run for office in two highly contested elections with nothing like this being raised before".

Fairfax said the allegation was part of a "vicious and coordinated smear campaign" orchestrated against him.

Tyson explained that she chose to come forward to the public now after learning that Fairfax might become the new governor of Virginia.

The Democrats' statement says they take the issues and allegations facing Virginia's top three elected officials seriously and they'll be taking the pulse of their constituents over the weekend.

Within minutes, the former Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe called on Fairfax to resign as well.

The nearly exponential blackface scandal ensnaring the state's top Democratic leadership has now reached the upper echelons of the Old Dominion's Republican Party.

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Is anyone corroborating these allegations?

According to Tyson's account, Fairfax and she met on the first day of the Convention and became friends. "She in no way indicated that anything that had happened between us made her uncomfortable", he said.

"She said he knew that she didn't like what was happening, but he kept pushing her down".

A firestorm of scandals embroiling Virginia's governor and two fellow Democrats at the top of the state's executive branch spread to the Republican leader of the state Senate yesterday as US President Donald Trump weighed in to stoke the political crisis.

Fairfax was accused on Sunday of raping a woman back in 2004 and was accused by a second woman today of rape back in 2000.

Two of Prof Tyson's colleagues and several unnamed friends told the New York Times that she had relayed the incident to them in the last two years. He also pledged not to resign. "As with Dr. Tyson's allegation, it needs to be investigated thoroughly because it impacts his ability to continue to serve the Commonwealth".

America Rising tracked down multiple Democratic members of Congress and asked them about the allegations against Fairfax.

The tumult began last Friday afternoon, when Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam's medical school yearbook page surfaced with a picture of one person in blackface and another in a Ku Klux Klan hood and robe. Northam denied that he was in the photo but admitted to previously blackening his face for a Michael Jackson costume.

On Friday he sent an email to state employees signalling his continued defiance of nearly universal calls for him to quit. "And I believe Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax must resign", Rep. Jennifer Wexton, D-Va., tweeted. If a second credible accuser came forward, I added, the matter would have to be viewed differently.

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