Fairfax Staffers Resign Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

Fairfax Staffers Resign Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

Fairfax Staffers Resign Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

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"When you're in a state of shock like I was, we don't always think as clearly as we should", Mr Northam said.

Northam, 59, said he wants to spend the remaining three years of his term trying to ensure that black Virginians have the same opportunities as whites.

In Monday's interview, King pressed Northam on the blackface incident, as well as on his shifting explanations for the photo of two people, one in blackface and another in KKK robes, on his medical school yearbook page. Northam has denied his appearance in the photo. He said the women's allegations are serious and Fairfax should resign if they are true.

On Saturday, Fairfax issued a statement repeating his strong denials that he had ever sexually assaulted anyone and made clear he does not intend to immediately step down and says he is calling for authorities, including the FBI, to investigate. The next in line would be attorney general Mark Herring, who-guess what-also has a history of blackface.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, accompanied by his wife Pamela Northam announces he will not resign during a news conference Richmond, Virginia, U.S. February 2, 2019. A housecleaning could be costly: If all three resign, Republican state House Speaker Kirk Cox would become Virginia's governor.

"Also known as slavery", King said.

But despite calls to step down from many state and national level Democrats, Gov. Northam says he won't resign. "Yes", Northam replied, continuing, "And while we have made a lot of progress in Virginia-slavery has ended".

There have been wide calls for Fairfax, an African-American, to quit in the wake of the assault allegations, but he has refused and instead called for an investigation.

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But Northam, she says, has to go.

Northam also offered forgiveness for Herring, who after disclosing that he darkened his face when dressing up like rapper Kurtis Blow in college has largely avoided the blizzard of calls for his resignation that have dogged Fairfax and Northam.

Ralph Northam in an interview that took place Sunday and is set to air on Monday said slaves in America were indentured servants - amid the ongoing controversy over his racist past.

The embattled lieutenant governor of Virginia was accused by two women of sexual assault, including rape by one of the women.

Fairfax denied the accusation, but then last week, another woman, Meredith Watson, "reluctantly" came forward to also accuse Fairfax of raping her. "That really helped put things in perspective for me to better understand why someone of white privilege has the opportunities that they have when an African-American. doesn't", he said.

But Fairfax has steadfastly maintained that the two incidents that surfaced this week - one from 2004, and the other from 2000 - were consensual sexual encounters, and he has asked for the FBI to conduct an investigation in order to ensure "due process".

Northam's public response to the photo was weird.

If Fairfax were to resign, the Associated Press reports it's unclear who could replace him. Northam may try to appoint a Democrat, while Republicans could mount a legal challenge with the goal of getting Senate Pro Tem Steve Newman to serve as both a voting senator and temporary lieutenant governor.

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