Alliance Provides Entertainment, Intrigue In Week 1

Alliance Provides Entertainment, Intrigue In Week 1

Alliance Provides Entertainment, Intrigue In Week 1

9, the Alliance of American Football (AAF) had its debut with two inaugural games. Those who in tuned in were treated to a mixture of high-scoring offense, hard-hitting defense, and got to watch some players, who hadn't donned a pair of cleats in quite some time, make an impact. With the NFL still in the driver's seat and the AAF still in its infancy, it is hard to speculate whether the new league will have sustained success. From the little that I watched Saturday, it reminded me of the CFL which is a professional Canadian League. Thanks to and Pro Football Focus for their AAF stats. It came to within two tenths of the Duke-Virginia men's college basketball game on ESPN earlier in the night (2.3). The Saturday night opening broadcast on CBS drew 3.25 million viewers, similar to Duke-Virginia on Saturday night and slightly more than the PGA event on CBS and the NBA Thunder-Rockets broadcast on ABC. The hashtag #AAF continues to trend on social media, and tweets from the league's official Twitter account (@TheAAF) averaged 2,000 likes and 500 retweets.

The AAF's website states that "The Alliance features eight teams, under a single entity structure, playing a 12 week season".

"I want to be able to teach players what we're doing and have my hands on them", Stoutland said. Fans will have the opportunity to listen in on their discussions in between plays and there are nine referees in total. Why else would the National Football League combine, draft and minicamps get nearly as much attention as regular-season or even playoff games in other sports? Some of the names flanking the backs of players were recognizable - Mike Bercovici, De'Vante Bausby, Nelson Spruce - while many others were not, but the faces roaming sidelines as head coaches certainly were: Steve Spurier, Mike Riley and Mike Martz to name a few.

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While the AAF's initial ratings were impressive for a fledgling league, they pale in comparison to the typical NFL audience. The Orlando Apollos faced off against the Atlanta Legends, while the San Antonio Commanders took on the San Diego Fleet.

-In the event of a tie at the end of regulation, each team will begin on their opponent's 10-yard line and be given one possession (four downs) to score. All touchdowns will be followed by two-point conversion attempts.

The Alliance is a mix of guys who used to play in the NFL, were in NFL camps or on practice squads but couldn't stick and guys who played in college but weren't good enough for an NFL look. And speaking of Earl Thomas, he is one of two Orange County NFL players without a job for 2019 yet, as he was joined recently by Bridge City's 43-year-old kicker Matt Bryant.

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