What We Learned from Part 2 of R. Kelly’s Interview

What We Learned from Part 2 of R. Kelly’s Interview

What We Learned from Part 2 of R. Kelly’s Interview

The special, Surviving R. Kelly, featured the R&B singer's ex-wife along with other women who described R. Kelly as one who preyed on young girls and women who were hoping to get their big break in the music industry. King then asked whether they have a "three-way sexual relationship" with the singer, but the women shied away from answering. One such artist is Lady Gaga, whom Kelly called "a very great talent and all", but said "it's unfortunate that her intelligence go to such a short level when it comes to that" and said it was "not professional for them to do that".

Kelly says he told a bank teller to start a new account. "All of the victims and parents can not be lying".

In the CBS interview, for example, he denied ever having sex with anyone under 17, even though he married the late singer Aaliyah when she was 15.

"Kelly and the alleged victim first had sex at the Detroit hotel on December 30, 2001", sources reportedly told Edwards.

Attorneys for both women's families say Kelly is controlling their daughters.

"We've received information from Chicago Police Department of a victim who made allegation of a criminal sexual conduct incident against R. Kelly. Not until he was arrested did he say he didn't have any money".

Separately, Kelly was taken into custody Wednesday over failure to pay child support and was jailed, according to the Cook County Sheriff's Office in Chicago. His defense attorney said at the time that Kelly's finances were "a mess".

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"How can I pay child support?" Judge Lori Rosen ordered Kelly to pay exactly $161,663 of the $194,000 he owes the mother of his three children by March 6th and he didn't. In segments that aired Wednesday, Kelly whispered, cried and ranted while pleading with viewers to believe that he never had sex with anyone under age 17 and never held anyone against their will - likely hoping the raw interview would help sway public opinion.

Unspecified sources close to the family/situation were contacted by TMZ, during which they told the media outlet R. Kelly hasn't contacted ex-wife Drea Kelly or his children since 2017.

Kelly said he proposed to his former wife by flying in on a helicopter with "a damn puppy". The couple said they have not spoken to their 23-year-old daughter for two years.

"Everything that she's saying is true".

R. Kelly became quite emotional during the meeting. "[But] they're pressured [not to see him], and I get it". "I didn't know what I was doing, didn't know what the hell was going on".

She claimed that her parents "know that I've been well taken care of" and said that her father is "a manipulative liar". "Trust, I have been deeply affected by all of this".

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