Captain Marvel end credits: Is there an end-credits scene?

Captain Marvel end credits: Is there an end-credits scene?

Captain Marvel end credits: Is there an end-credits scene?

So maybe try not holding him right up to your face? Turns out it was very much not fine. Give it a looksy! I've kept up with most of the various Avengers movies, and Black Panther is my gold-standard for Marvel films.

Moreover, World's Megan Basham blasted "Captain Marvel" for its "girl-power pandering" and What She Said's Ann Brody described the movie as "dark and empty". Secret Invasion features a massive battle between the Skrulls and Earth's superheroes, which sounded like a great premise for the fifth Avengers movie, but now it may never happen, at least not anytime soon.

If you'd like to be a part of our hall of Marvel-ous fan photos, send us a picture of you celebrating your fandom - whether you're in costume or showing off a sweet collection of comics, action figures, or other gear - through the submission portal below. And we figured, as we always have, the way to pay honor to him is the way we've been trying to do while he was alive, which is the movies.

"Where's Fury?" Captain Marvel asks. Among the 500 negative reviews are some users who appear to have seen Captain Marvel, and many who obviously haven't. But that doesn't settle anything!

Whether you are a casual movie goer or deeply involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fandom, you are probably aware that Marvel's first female-led movie, Captain Marvel, is now in theatres. We went into Captain Marvel wondering why Nick Fury didn't call her for help during the Battle of NY, but the movie never gave us a decent answer.

And more clues about how, exactly, she factors into the story: It looks like Fury's desperate page to her in the final seconds of Infinity War reached her in outer space, and she's back to help the still-living Avengers save the day.

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We see Nick Fury planning for a permanent force to deal with the threat of alien invasion. Whereas Stupefy will maximize the stuns she has access to with her Super Strength ability and her Special Attack 2, Skrull Slayer. There are numerous mentions of the derogatory phrase "SJW" (social justice warrior), accusations of "feminist propaganda", and complaints that actress Brie Larson should smile more (a "controversy" that started with the release of the film's poster, and which Yahoo Entertainment discussed with Larson in the interview below). Take a look at our picks in the video below, and let us know which titles we've missed in the comments... Carol was involved in an explosion with a Kree weapon, but was rescued by Mar-Vell, which resulted in some fused DNA, and made her a human-Kree hybrid.

That makes you wonder: What else can they allow her to do? Seems like something you'd want to keep close tabs on!

Well, now she's given feminists everywhere a spectacular new pin-up, as a jet-heeled superhero with fists that can thump practically any man into the middle of next week.

In real life, "when we walk down the street, we see two girlfriends just chatting away and supporting each other and having each other's backs, reminding the other of her truth", Lynch says. The engine explodes and the Tesseract's energy bonds with Carol Danvers. Or do you think Captain Marvel has effectively ended it for now, as she set out to do?

It's a radical departure from Captain Marvel's origin story in the comic books, but one we'd previously been told had been updated "for a modern audience".

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