Democrats’ anti-hate resolution won’t mention Ilhan Omar, Pelosi says

Democrats’ anti-hate resolution won’t mention Ilhan Omar, Pelosi says

Democrats’ anti-hate resolution won’t mention Ilhan Omar, Pelosi says

A recent poll showed the majority of Democrat voters have moderate positions and reject the socialism of AOC.

The resolution in the House did not mention Omar by name and was initially set to be introduced Wednesday. It seems that Democrats simply don't want to censure one of their own, and to avoid doing so they will do the same kind of mental pirouettes that Republicans perform to avoid condemning Trump. It should have been held at a pet store, because Omar is showing she can use as dog whistle as well as Trump.

"She's not off the hook herself", Gold said while noting the possibility that "this might be a change, and I would love to see that". But the stickiest part of the debate was the very public criticism from Omar's Democratic colleagues. Ilhan Omar, a freshman Minnesota Democrat, that some have characterized as anti-Semitic.

For many, that comment played off of the "dual loyalty" accusations that have been used to harass and persecute Jews throughout history. "Jews proudly serve our country".

"Indoctrinated in radical jihad since a child, Omar's US presence and election are part of jihadi infiltration tactics", he said. "We shouldn't mix anything", said the Jewish Democrat from NY.

The party's House leadership reworded the statement to include other forms of bigotry - all while facing pressure from progressive Democrats who are defending Omar. Did she not understand it all three times, or just the first? But this time, some Democrats wanted to go further. At the beginning of the week, a draft of a resolution began to circulate around Capitol Hill that rebuked anti-Semitism.

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Among the things that will be decided is whether the D.C. and Virginia sentences will run consecutively or concurrently. In the case in Virginia, Judge Ellis showed some antagonism towards Mueller's prosecutors.

"Something that is one resolution, addressing these forms of hatred, not mentioning her name because it's not about her", she explained. And that sparked a demand from some quarters to put a resolution on the floor condemning anti-Semitism.

According to Talking Points Memo, the Israelis and Republicans worked out the details of Bibi's congressional speech "without notifying the White House", so that, Boehner said, "there was no interference" from the administration. And with this power, she made a decision to place a doltish hater of Jews, someone with radical positions and absolutely no relevant experience, on the House Foreign Affairs Committee to appease the growing anti-Israel contingent in her party. "And so this resolution ended up really being an effort to protect her". "This was supposed to be awkward for Democrats because it was an unofficial rebuke of Rep. Ilhan Omar". Younger, more liberal voters, and people of color are also less likely to sympathize with Israel.

Democrats are now fairly divided. She calls herself an optimist, but she says it's hard to be hopeful in the current political climate. Several scholarly associations, including the American Studies Association and the Association for Asian American Studies, have supported an academic boycott, even as other associations and academic leaders have opposed that campaign.

"Today is historic on many fronts". Over the years, I and many political cartoonists have done critical cartoons on Israel, Palestinians and their leaders.

The activist told Sputnik "the forces of the status quo, the pro-occupation forces", are not only composed of Jews.

A day earlier, she called one of the president's statements "a direct reflection of the fact that his chief strategist, Steve Bannon, is an alt-right white supremacist sympathizer and a shameless enforcer of those un-American beliefs".

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