Spanish women march for equality on International Women's Day

Spanish women march for equality on International Women's Day

Spanish women march for equality on International Women's Day

Gender equity is not just a woman's issue, it's a community issue.

The strike, which is organised by the Comisión 8M (March 8 Commission), which is comprised of feminist groups scattered throughout the state, comes on International Women's Day.

International Women's Day only became a major event in Spain recently, previous year to be exact, due to repression during the Francoist era and a prevailing culture of "machismo" in government and politics.

"Things haven't changed much", said Amelia Leon, a 69-year-old retiree who was marching with two retiree friends.

This is a time that can be very enriching.

We call on women to continue educating themselves about the struggles of women and working women all over the world and to support each other at all times and give each other constructive feedback for the advancement of the women's struggle. Stories of courage and overcoming adversity are being shared.

"I keep saying if we do not participate we would not be recognised".

We have just begun
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We need to be honest about how we are going to achieve gender equity.

"Temporary contracts through to a decade or more after PhD completion often limits possibilities for women in academia who are forced to choose between a career or family", she said. Entrenched gender biases create major hurdles for women's access to justice and redress, and it is crucial that judges and police officers, among others, are trained so that unconscious bias does not get in the way of protection and justice for women.

But the fight towards true gender equality is far from over.

A similar event was put on by the Women and Children's Shelter. Destroy the Joint reports that nine women have died as a result of violence already this year.

In Barrie, "Balance for Better" was the theme for a march held at City Hall. The survey found that for both women and men, the most common type of workplace sexual harassment experienced was offensive, sexually suggestive comments or jokes.

One involved the sentencing of five men who were accused of gang-raping a teenager in 2016 for sexual abuse rather than rape. Women in industrialised countries were entering the labour market in numbers, they experienced challenges of poor working conditions, unequal pay and most of the jobs were reserved for men.

The next year, Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland marked International Women's Day on March 19 with rallies.

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Maduro, meanwhile, pressed his supporters to hold "anti-imperialist" marches Saturday to counter fresh protests planned by Guaido. Guaido had just returned from a 10-day tour of South American allies, defying a government-issued ban on him leaving the country.

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