Facebook and Instagram outage frustrates users around the globe

Facebook and Instagram outage frustrates users around the globe

Facebook and Instagram outage frustrates users around the globe

The outage is occurring against a political backdrop of legislators in the USA and beyond considering whether large technology firms - not just Facebook - should be broken up.

Additionally, The Verge reports that some users are experiencing similar problems with Mark Zuckerberg's original social network.

The website DownDetector.com said Facebook began having issues at about noon Eastern time.

Other users noted that attempting to use Facebook to sign into apps like Tinder or Spotify wasn't working either.

According to tracking website Down Detector, the problems hit Facebook users in Europe and the United States hardest. Individual users have been able to post sporadically throughout the outage.

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We will update this article, as soon as we receive any updates regarding the issue.

WhatsApp users are reporting issues with the messaging service this evening, after a day of malfunctioning social media apps.

Facebook had to take to Twitter to tell its users it is aware of the global outage and is working to restore functionality.

A slew of Facebook -owned social media sites are experiencing a worldwide outage, leaving thousands of users unable to connect. Many people report a similar problem in which they can see their timelines but cannot make posts.

Several advertisers and marketers confirmed that the ad platform was down for them, and it was a topic of discussion online, as well. Many said their Instagram stories are crashing and there are glitches while logging in.

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