Manafort faces up to 10 years at second sentencing in 6 days

Manafort faces up to 10 years at second sentencing in 6 days

Manafort faces up to 10 years at second sentencing in 6 days

Moments after Paul Manafort was sentenced in federal court in Washington to serve more than seven years in prison, the Manhattan district attorney unveiled a new indictment against the former Trump campaign chairman on state charges of fraud.

On top of the 47 months term he received last week, Manafort could have faced an additional 10 year sentence on Wednesday in Mueller's investigation into ties between the Trump election campaign and Russian Federation.

"I am sorry for what I have done and for all the activities that have gotten us here today", he said, speaking from a wheelchair. "For that, I am remorseful".

The prosecutor said Manafort's crimes spanned more than a decade, that he had concealed his foreign lobbying work, laundered millions of dollars to avoid US taxes and coached witnesses in the investigation to lie.

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The latest sentence comes on the heels of last week's 47-month-long prison sentence in Alexandria, Virginia, for hiding money in foreign bank accounts and tax and bank fraud.

"But for a short stint as campaign manager in a presidential election, I don't think we'd be here today", Downing said.

His attempts to cover up his crimes by asking witnesses to lie for him, Weissmann said, "is not reflective of somebody who has learned a harsh lesson. He has served to undermine, not promote American ideals of honesty ... and playing by the rules", Weissmann said.

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The charges unsealed in NY on Wednesday spelled more legal trouble for Manafort. Ellis credited Manafort for serving that time already, so if Jackson reaches a shorter sentence and says he should serve it at the same time as the other terms, he would likely be in prison far less than four years.

The Atlantic's Natasha Bertrand (an MSNBC contributor) tweeted that Kevin Downing, one of Manafort's lawyers, "is saying that Judge ABJ found that there was no evidence of Russian Federation collusion" and that protestors responded, "That's not what she said".

Defense lawyer Kevin Downing suggested Manafort was being unduly punished because of a "media frenzy" generated by the appointment of a special counsel.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson effectively telegraphed Wednesday morning Manafort's sentence would not be "clean up" for the light sentence passed down last week by Judge T.S. Ellis. "She needs me. I need her", he said - did not work on Jackson.

As Manafort's prosecution has progressed, political observers have broadly speculated whether Trump will pardon his former campaign director - and whether the former lobbyist hoped to put himself in the president's good graces by deliberately working to obfuscate Mueller's investigation.

"Please let my wife and I be together", he added on Wednesday.

The next month, Manafort faced another trial in the D.C. federal court, on charges that included failing to register as a foreign lobbying agent for the government of Ukraine.

Manafort, 69, was convicted in August by a jury in Virginia federal court of eight of 18 charges having to do with his political consulting business and work he did on behalf of a pro-Russia government in Ukraine. Jackson, before issuing the sentence, said Manafort demonstrated "ongoing contempt for and his belief he had the right to manipulate these proceedings, and the court orders and rules don't apply to him".

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