Rumors of mega-long 'Game of Thrones' episodes aren't true

Rumors of mega-long 'Game of Thrones' episodes aren't true

Rumors of mega-long 'Game of Thrones' episodes aren't true

Episode four has 78 minutes as run time and the final two episodes are the longest with 80 minutes each. So much has happened in Game of Thrones that now is the flawless time to be rewatching the series in the build-up to those last six episodes.

The US network has allotted 54 minutes for episode one (HBO website ID 81555, April 14) and 58 minutes for episode two (HBO website ID 81556, April 21).

While the world awaits for the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones to air, the people living on it will take no joy in the latest leak.

Season 3 is a crucial time for Game of Thrones.

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Still at a total of 6 hours 50 minutes, season eight is still the shortest of the seven seasons, undercutting season seven by half an hour.

I mean, look at the number of people who watched the season's official trailer.

Last November, "GOT" director David Nutter revealed that all six episodes in the upcoming season of the hit HBO show will have a run time of over an hour. Though the first two installments are coming in under 60 minutes (and certainly aren't the movie-length episodes that were hinted at a year and a half ago), fans can rest easy knowing that the action and drama featured in each will be oh-so satisfying. But there is no denying this is awful news for people who want more of a very good thing. Check back with Looper before the season 8 launch to learn what the final six episodes are titled. I'm pretty sure HBO never put any kind of limitations on how long episodes should be and we have actually had a longer episode already in Season 7.

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