Android Q Beta 1 Available for All Pixel Users: 10 Key Features

Android Q Beta 1 Available for All Pixel Users: 10 Key Features

Android Q Beta 1 Available for All Pixel Users: 10 Key Features

Android Q Beta 1 isn't available only for developers. It allows anyone enrolled to update their Android devices to the preview and receive over-the-air updates. These four builds are mainly meant for testing while the Beta 5 and Beta 6 are release candidates.

Google's VP of Engineering Dave Burke penned a blog post on the Developers Blog that lists the highlights of Android Q. Beta 1 focuses on improving user privacy and security, which includes preventing "more control over location". The Q release also delivers baked-in support for foldable phones, as Google refines multitasking actions like pausing and resizing apps. It also helps the developers to manage how their application is displayed on foldable and large screens.

Google is further limiting access to data like IMEI, serial number, and other such identifiers to apps.

But most of the changes coming in Q at this point are behind-the-scenes improvements, featuring things like enhanced Wi-Fi performance, better 3D games and neural computing and optimized memory consumption for apps.

Developers will be able to show floating settings controls in Android Q as well. "We're making Dynamic Depth an open format for the ecosystem, and we're working with our device-maker partners to make it available across devices running Android Q and later".

Device location access
Device location access

Every time a friend visits your home, you have to tell them your WiFi password. All the change logs and new features of the Android Q can be seen from the Source link given below.

We do not yet have certainty about the flagship that Google will market this year (two as always?), Nor about which of the two devices, the following image is based, but here is what Google Pixel 4 looks like (or Pixel 4 XL).

Even if you had previously registered for the Android P beta, you have to register once again for the Android Q beta.

Google will also be updating preview system images and SDK regularly throughout the preview and will be sharing more features to share as the Beta programme moves forward.

If you are on your Pixel smartphone, it is still possible to activate this mode, but of course it won't be optimal. The first four betas will be for testing purposes while betas 5 & 6 are intended release candidates, which are the final beta versions of the completed software update.

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