Theresa May: UK risks losing Brexit if compromise talks fail

Theresa May: UK risks losing Brexit if compromise talks fail

Theresa May: UK risks losing Brexit if compromise talks fail

"We certainly don't want a long extension", Mr Hunt said.

On Tuesday, the EU Council and the European Parliament agreed to allow United Kingdom citizens to travel without visas to Schengen Area countries for short stays.

Earlier on Friday, European Council President Donald Tusk said a 12-month "flexible" extension to the UK's Brexit date was possible, in response to May's second request to further postpone the Brexit date until June 30.

May said that if an agreement was reached before this date, then Britain proposed that the extension should be ended early.

A senior European Union official said Tusk was considering an extension offer of up to one year, with the possibility of leaving sooner.

France, however, indicated it was not yet ready to accept an extension unless the British presented a clear plan which would justify such a delay. "The principle of honest cooperation applies, as Prime Minister May herself makes clear in her letter".

But it said if a withdrawal agreement could be ratified by Parliament before then "the government proposes that the period should be terminated early" so the United Kingdom can leave the EU before then, and cancel preparations for the European Parliamentary elections. May asked for an identical delay when she first requested a postponement, but the European Union rejected it and only agreed to the shorter April or May extension. Also reducing the prospect of Britain exiting the bloc without a deal. "I will not stand for that", she said.

A "flextension" is not exactly what May is seeking; she wants a shorter delay.

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The EU's remaining 27 leaders, who meet May in Brussels for a summit on Wednesday, have to agree on any offer unanimously and it'll be up to them to forge a common position.

While both major parties have said they are committed to carrying out the results of Britain's 2016 referendum vote to leave the EU, Labour has long demanded a softer break than May has been willing to consider.

"The fightback to save Brexit has begun", Farage tweeted.

May's letter said that should she fail to find a compromise with Labour, the two sides "would instead look to establish a consensus on a small number of clear options on the future relationship to be put to (parliament) for a series of votes to determine which course to pursue". But the talks do not appear to be going well.

"Our approach to these discussions with Labour is that we have no red lines", he told reporters at a meeting of European finance ministers in Bucharest.

"We urge the prime minister to come forward with genuine changes to her deal in an effort to find an alternative that can win support in parliament and bring the country together", the statement said.

The proposal by Mr Tusk has been met with scepticism from many, as Mr Tusk has a history of bad faith in his dealings with the British and has repeatedly expressed his desire for Britain to remain in the European Union, despite the Brexit vote.

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