Antonio Brown Shares Old Private Message From JuJu Smith-Schuster

Antonio Brown Shares Old Private Message From JuJu Smith-Schuster

Antonio Brown Shares Old Private Message From JuJu Smith-Schuster

It was rumored that Brown's desire to leave Pittsburgh was partly driven by the Steelers voting Smith-Schuster as team MVP over him.

After a Steelers fan tweeted a picture at Brown that stated JuJu Smith-Schuster was named Steelers Player of the Year for last season, Brown started seeing red and dragged his former teammate in a reply to the fan's tweet. Twitter rushed to Smith-Schuster's defense, pointing out that Brown didn't play in all 16 games previous year and has a higher fumble to catch ratio in his career than Smith-Schuster.

While we await Brown's response - it seems unlikely that he'll just let all that slide - it's worth going over some of the history between the two wide receivers.

The Oakland Raiders receiver first took to Twitter on Sunday to offer some words of wisdom.

The Saints recovered; the Steelers lost the game and control of their playoff destiny; Pittsburgh missed the postseason; Brown didn't play in the season finale and. well, you know how the story ends. Being a top tier performer for the Steelers, combined with his social media presence and lovable celebration has made him a cult hero, and the worst possible person for Brown to try and attack.

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If anything, it makes Smith-Schuster look better, because he was simply asking for advice from an established player, and Brown is calling him out for...being friendly and respectful about it?

Apparently, it was also the final blow Smith-Schuster could take before responding because the third-year wide receiver clapped back with his own series of Tweets. Roethlisberger may have contributed to some of the tension by saying after a November loss to the Denver Broncos that the Steelers erred in drawing up a late, goal-line pass play for Brown and instead "should've went to [Smith-Schuster] four straight plays".

He even went as far as to call Brown "childish" for his tweets.

Other Trojans past and present weighed in, with universal backing for Smith-Schuster and criticism of Brown's approach.

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