Chaffetz: Barr Testimony 'Totally Undercuts' Dems' Narrative on Mueller Report

Chaffetz: Barr Testimony 'Totally Undercuts' Dems' Narrative on Mueller Report

Chaffetz: Barr Testimony 'Totally Undercuts' Dems' Narrative on Mueller Report

"Congress is - as a matter of law - entitled to each of the categories AG Barr proposed to redact from the Special Counsel's report", Nadler said Tuesday.

Whatever portions of Robert Mueller's post-redacted report finally get released to the public in the coming week, they will not amount to the "complete and total exoneration" Donald Trump repeatedly promised they would. When asked, Barr said those details would likely be in the public version of the report.

That means he's on track to meet the "mid-April" time frame for release of the report to both Congress and the public that he indicated after sending Congress a synopsis of legal findings of the Mueller investigation on March 24.

After years of complaints from Republicans and allies of the president, Attorney General William Barr revealed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is being investigated over FISA surveillance on the Trump campaign in 2016.

The first public confrontation is imminent, with Barr scheduled to appear Tuesday and Wednesday before the House and Senate Appropriations committees for hearings ostensibly about the Justice Department's budget. But he stopped well short of pledging to provide the full report as Democrats have demanded.

"I'm just saying that if you think it's such an outrageous position, you have nothing to worry about", Barr said.

The grand jury information can not be released due to Rule 6 (e) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure.

The congressman pressed Mr. Barr to support a stay of any ruling against Obamacare until Congress forges new protections, since Mr. Trump has made a decision to punt GOP work on health reform until after the 2020 election.

He said that Congress will not receive the unredacted report but also that he had promised the Judiciary committees that he would make himself available for interviews and "see if there's a way we can accommodate" requests for more information. "And we will have that discussion". They also told the news outlets that the issue of obstruction of justice was actually "much more acute" than the attorney general suggested in his summary. "The chairman of the Judiciary Committee is free to go to court", he said in response to Democratic questioning.

Rep. Jose Serrano, D-N.Y., said he has concerns about the process Barr used to draft a four-page letter of Mueller's "principal conclusions" last month.

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"The letter of the 24th, Mr. Mueller's team did not play a role in drafting that document, although we offered him the opportunity to review it before we sent it out and he declined that", Barr said.

Chaffetz, a Fox News contributor and former USA congressman, said Democrats were attempting to "muddy the waters" because they were unhappy with Barr's summary, which said Mueller found no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion and made no determination on obstruction of justice.

He said the department's longstanding policy and practice is that if the DOJ is not going to charge someone, it should not discuss bad and derogatory information about them.

Barr replied: "As I said in my confirmation hearing".

"Even for someone who has done this job before, I would argue it's more suspicious than impressive", Ms Lowey said. Precisely because the test for obstruction of justice is whether someone acted with a "corrupt" motive, the crime gets to the heart of whether Trump has upheld his oath to ensure "faithful" execution of the laws-and gives the "take care clause" meaning and accountability.

"Do you think it's likely we're going to prevail?"

It is not clear, however, if Mueller's report found that Trump obstructed justice during the investigation.

"I suspect that they probably wanted more put out", Barr acknowledged.

Lowey said the Judiciary Committee has the responsibility and right to subpoena the full report and fight to see any redacted information.

Republican lawmakers, on the other hand, are not expected to ask questions about Mueller and will focus on budget issues in the hearing, according to a GOP aide.

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