NY orders mandatory measles vaccinations

NY orders mandatory measles vaccinations

NY orders mandatory measles vaccinations

Health officials Tuesday ordered almost everyone in a heavily Orthodox Jewish New York City neighborhood to be vaccinated for measles or face fines, reviving a public-health strategy that experts say hasn't been used in the U.S.in recent memory.

The health order that was declared on Tuesday covers people who live in four ZIP codes in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, where more than 250 people have contracted measles since September. "We stand with the majority of people in this community who have worked hard to protect their children and those at risk".

"We're making clear that unvaccinated students will not be allowed in schools or day cares", de Blasio said.

City officials announced a public health emergency over the outbreak following the diagnoses of 285 cases of measles since October. Newborns, pregnant individuals, and those with weakened immune systems can not get vaccinated, so it is important that everyone around them be vaccinated in order to protect them from contracting the virus and prevent severe complications in these susceptible populations.

"There's no question that vaccines are safe, effective and life-saving", de Blasio told reporters.

"I know that parents may be afraid of getting their child vaccinated, but as a pediatrician, I know that getting vaccinated is far safer than getting measles".

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The island has been measles-free for "a number of years", she said, and accordingly "our main concern, from a public health perspective, is to detect any cases that may be coming in and to contain it early". A few people-particularly young children, the elderly, and those with weak or compromised immune systems-can suffer additional complications like pneumonia or even swelling of the brain. What's more, another outbreak is ongoing in the New York county of Rockland, which is north of New York City. That compares to 372 cases in the US for all of past year.

Measles cases are on the rise in New Jersey and just across the state line in NY.

In a statement by the city's health department, Brooklyn Rabbi David Niederman said, "It says in the Torah "V'nishmartem Meod L'nafshoseichem"-a person must guard their health".

Most of this year's measles cases in New Jersey have been linked to an outbreak in Ocean and Monmouth counties, the DOH found, and many originated with travelers who had been infected overseas. "The only way to stop this outbreak is to ensure that people who have not been vaccinated get the vaccine". The number of measles cases this year "is the second greatest number of cases reported in the USA since measles was declared eliminated in 2000", according to the CDC.

However, that ban was overturned by a judge last Friday. "The measles vaccine works".

The mandatory vaccination order follows an order from the Health Department last week requiring yeshivas and day-care programmes serving Williamsburg's Orthodox Jewish community to exclude unvaccinated children or face fines or closure. "It's an unusual action for us to take, but it is entirely related to both the danger of the disease and how highly contagious it is". New Yorkers should call 311 to access a list of facilities that can provide MMR at low or no cost.

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