Kim offers Trump a third summit

Kim offers Trump a third summit

Kim offers Trump a third summit

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Saturday he's "confident" that the United States will continue its "progress" with North Korea on denuclearization, as the two countries' leaders have suggested they're open to potential third summit.

Kim also said he would wait until the end of the year "for the USA to make a courageous decision" on another meeting, after his most recent summit with Trump in Vietnam broke down and both sides left without agreement.

"It is essential for the quit its current calculation method and approach us with new one", Kim said in a speech to the Supreme People's Assembly on Friday, KCNA said.

In Hanoi, the United States came with "completely unrealisable plans" and was "not really ready to sit with us face-to-face and solve the problem", Kim said.

Kim said he doesn't have to be fixated on a summit to obtain sanctions relief, and he wouldn't hesitate to reach an agreement if the USA brings up an idea that is acceptable to both sides, KCNA reported.

South Korea has called for easing sanctions on North Korea by lifting restrictions on suspended cross-border projects, believing that they could incentivize the North to return to the negotiating table.

The North Korean dictator also issued a stern warning and indicated his country would not be bullied by the United States and stated its position would remain unchanged even if the nations met "a hundred thousand times".

A Vietnamese woman who had been accused of killing the half-brother of North Korea's leader will be freed from a Malaysian prison on May 3, her lawyer said, a day earlier than previously expected.

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Analysts viewed Friday's announcements as the biggest shake-up in North Korean government in years, a consolidation of power that clearly separated Kim Jong-un's regime from that of his father for the first time.

"But as President Trump keeps saying, the personal ties between me and him are not hostile like the relations between the two countries and we still maintain good relations, as to be able to exchange letters asking about health anytime if we want", he said.

Kim also complained that the USA had resumed military exercises with South Korea this year, despite what he said was a direct commitment by Trump to suspend them.

Telling North Korea's Supreme People's Assembly that US diplomats came to the last meeting, which ended abruptly in late February with no agreement, without "a clear direction and methodology", Kim had tough words for the Trump administration in his speech Friday.

"I agree with Kim Jong Un of North Korea that our personal relationship remains very good, perhaps the term excellent would be even more accurate, and that a third Summit would be good in that we fully understand where we each stand", Mr. Trump tweeted.

Trump, however, signaled no marked change in his stance on sanctions relief until the North's complete denuclearization, though he didn't shut out the possibility of smaller deals with Pyongyang.

"The South should not act as an "overstepping mediator" or a "facilitator" and should rather get its mind straight as a member of the (Korean) nation and boldly speak up for the interest of the nation", Kim said.

In the months since Hanoi, there have been no known follow-up negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang.

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