Labour about to become REFERENDUM party in Brexit BOMBSHELL, reveals Peston

Labour about to become REFERENDUM party in Brexit BOMBSHELL, reveals Peston

Labour about to become REFERENDUM party in Brexit BOMBSHELL, reveals Peston

He further added it would be "unforgivable" for Labour to avoid another referendum on European Union membership, and warned against pushing through a Brexit deal that ends freedom of movement and removes single market access.

The party includes both Brexit backers and opponents - a division that has left leader Jeremy Corbyn trying to navigate a vague middle ground.

Khan has demanded on a number of occasions a so-called "People's Vote" on any withdrawal treaty agreed in the House of Commons, raising the issue again in Thursday's LBC interview.

The October 31 deadline has given Britain time to find the "best possible solution", Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, said, urging Britain to "not waste this time".

Downing Street has warned talks with Labour to end the Brexit deadlock will not continue "for the sake of it" after European Union leaders granted a second delay to Britain's withdrawal from the bloc. If she can't get it done by then, something will have to give.

"There may be some candidates who might be deterred from an application because of the political debate around Brexit, which inevitably the governor of the Bank of England can't avoid being part of", he said.

The European Council agreed to a six-month extension of the Brexit process early on Thursday morning, setting a new deadline for Britain to leave the European Union on October 31, 2019.

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The bloc had already granted Britain a delay once from the original March 29 deadline.

After months of acrimonious, indecisive yet cliff-edged wrangling in Parliament over Brexit, U.K. lawmakers began a 10-day Easter break on Friday.

After failing to win over her own hawkish MPs, Prime Minister May is taking a different approach - reaching out to the opposition Labour Party to try to get the deal voted through.

Hammond also said the Brexit delay was hampering government efforts to improve economic productivity and could throw off course a planned multi-year budget for government departments due late this year.

May has in recent months failed to sway many hardline Brexiteers in her party partly because of deep opposition to provision in the withdrawal agreement about making sure the border between European Union member Ireland and Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom, remains seamless.

"The government will have to compromise", he said, warning that any agreement would have to be entrenched because Labour has no idea who will replace May. "But it became clear pretty early on. that our Remainer parliament, our Remainer cabinet and indeed our Remainer prime minister were going to do their utmost to delay, dilute and in many occasions to actually stop and overturn Brexit". If that happens the only way to stop Britain crashing out would be for the Government to choose the "nuclear option" and revoke the decision to leave.

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