Trump, FCC Announce Plan to Expand 5G Connectivity

Trump, FCC Announce Plan to Expand 5G Connectivity

Trump, FCC Announce Plan to Expand 5G Connectivity

As reported by CNBC, Trump today stuck to available technology and joined with the FCC in an attempt to quicken the pace of 5G deployment in the U.S.

FCC chairman Ajit Pai has announced a plan to put the U.S. at the forefront of 5G.

The FCC also said Friday that it will be renewing an existing $2-billion broadband subsidy program, for 10 years. United States president Donald Trump, as per a report by CNBC, announced various initiatives to boost 5G networks.

The administration plans to create a $20.4 billion Rural Digital Opportunity Fund to expand networks over the next decade in regions lacking high-speed service.

President Donald Trump said Friday the United States should not nationalize its 5G network and said private companies should move quickly to deploy the faster next-generation network.

The Trump administration wants the lead in the global race to 5G.

"So far this Administration's interventions on 5G have done more harm than good", said Rosenworcel.

"Qualcomm is the country's only hope for 5G and 6G leadership and with the FTC about to potentially hobble it, the USA will never be a leader, China will", predicted Morehead, a former industry executive.

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To pay for it, Pai said the agency plans to repurpose money from the Universal Service Fund.

The airwaves to be sold are in frequency bands known as the upper 37 GHz, or gigahertz, the 39 GHz and 47 GHz.

Pai said Trump's comments opposing nationalization was an "important signal" to the private sector that is investing tens of billions of dollars in the 5G networks.

Trump said the 5G industry in the United States would be "private sector-driven and private sector-led", so the USA government does not have to spend lots of money. "We'll also need strong fiber networks to carry the 5G traffic once its gets from the air to the ground".

"As you probably heard, we had another alternative of doing it, that would be through government investment, and leading through the government, we don't want to do that because it won't be almost as good, almost as fast", Trump said. Pai declared 5G an American success story.

Pai said Friday he is committed to making airwaves of all types a priority.

The jockeying for position with China over 5G.

Verizon, one of America's largest telecommunications companies, announced on April 3 the official operation of its commercial 5G network in two USA cities, making it the world's first commercial 5G mobile service for customers with 5G-equipped smartphones.

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