10 Animal Movie Characters We Wish We Had As Pets

Since the beginning of cinema, animals have played a part in films. Whether they be a side character or the main protagonist, animals have their indelible place in the movies due to some of the actions they commit. Still, some animals remain more in the audience’s hearts and minds than others.

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Some animal characters are so beloved that the audience dreams of taking them home and having them as their own pet. It may be due to the animal’s personality or appearance or an unforgettable mixture of both.

10 Gromit (Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit)

Gromit pouring tea into a cup in Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of Were-Rabbitt

Beagle Gromit lives up to the status of a dog being “man’s best friend.” The other half of the titular duo, Gromit is level-headed, intelligent, and incredibly loyal to his owner and best friend Wallace.

Deeply caring and super helpful to chaotic Wallace, anyone would be lucky to have Gromit as a pet. The British pair first appeared in a number of animated shorts that became very popular. Their popularity culminated in their full-length feature Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

9 Dory (Finding Dory)

Finding Dory

While many think of fish as the most boring pet to have, Pixar star Dory is another story entirely. Eternally optimistic, Dory is always looking on the bride side of things and has the ability to see the silver lining in even the darkest cloud.

On top of Dory’s effervescent personality, her beautiful blue color makes this Blue Tang a pleasure to watch as she swims around. Dory may be naive, almost annoyingly so, but her upbeat, infectious disposition makes her a loving and fun character.

8 Fievel Mousekewitz (An American Tail)

As is probably inferred from his last name, Fievel Mousekewitz is the persevering, cute as a button mouse from the American Tail films. With his oversized red coat and his Russian Kasket hat, Fievel looks even more minuscule and adorable.

Fievel has an adventurous spirit which sometimes gets him into trouble. But Fievel’s innocence and naive nature ensure that he never means any harm. Armed with curiosity, Fievel embraces his journey and is tenacious in achieving his goals and reuniting with his family who he got separated from on their journey to America.

7 Snowball (Secret Life of Pets)

Snowball is a cute little white bunny with what looks like the softest fur imaginable. One look at the big-eyed rabbit and the viewer wants to cuddle him to bits. One of the main characters of Illumination’s Secret Life of Pets and its sequel, Snowball was painted as the villain of the franchise’s first film.

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But, this bunny just had a big chip on his shoulder due to his former owner abandoning him. With the right amount of love and affection, Snowball could become a faithful and affectionate pet (as evidenced by his new owner, Molly).

6 Tod (Fox and the Hound)

Tod the fox smiling in The Fox and the Hound

One of Disney’s best and most forgotten films, The Fox and the Hound is the story of the friendship of hound dog Copper and fox Tod.  Tod is the adored pet of his elderly owner from the time he’s a baby until he’s an adult.

Tod is sweet to his kindly owner, always showering her with affection and appreciation. Carefree and lovable, Tod is a great companion. Further, Tod shows a dedicated loyalty to those he cares about, as shown when Tod fights off a giant bear to save Copper’s life.

5 Marie, Toulouse, And Berlioz (The Aristocats)

the aristocats

Starring in one of the best cat movies, these three kitty siblings from The Aristocats are irresistible. They are so small and furry, with each one having their own distinct personalities. Marie is strait-laced and a daydreamer, with her little head up in the clouds. Toulouse is easygoing and a scrapper, always trying to appear tough.

This wannabe alleycat is also a gifted painter. Berlioz is the youngest of the trio and is sweet-natured but easily annoyed by his sometimes troublesome siblings. Together, they may be a handful but most Disney fans would take them in in a heartbeat due to the energetic energy.

4 Bambi (Bambi)

The innocent eponymous fawn is a big-eyed white-tailed deer. He is shy and guileless always looking out for his friends Thumper the rabbit and Flower the skunk. His gentle nature and sweetheart have made him an icon of adorable Disney characters.

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Bambi’s cuteness is so extraordinary that the film resulted in the Bambi Effect (which is the objection to hunting animals that are considered cute). After witnessing what happened to his mother, Disney fans would do anything to protect Bambi and would certainly house him from danger.

3 Figaro (Pinocchio)

Figaro in Pinocchio

Sassy almost to a fault, Figaro has so much attitude and personality, it’s hard not to like this temperamental feline. One of Gepetto’s pets in Disney’s 1940 Pinocchio, Figaro often clashes heads with his owner and fellow pet Cleo when he doesn’t get his way. Yet, even the tuxedo cat’s temper tantrums are cute.

Although Figaro can be difficult, he is deeply caring to Gepetto and always wants his owner to be happy. These are only some of the reasons why Figaro is one of the best cat companions and an appealing choice for a pet.

2 Babe The Pig (Babe)

Known as one of the most iconic pets in movie history, this adorable pig has certainly captured the hearts of moviegoers after they witnessed its extraordinary tale. In this whimsical story, a pig believes himself to be a sheepdog, refusing to conform to the farm’s status quo.

Impossibly brave and polite, Babe is unceasingly eager to make new friends. Babe has a heart of gold, standing up to ferocious animals despite their larger and scarier appearance.  In the process, Babe endears himself to everyone around him, especially the audience.

1 Dug (Up)

Dug in Up

Maybe one of the most charming dogs in all of cinema, Up’s golden retriever Dug has a very effusive personality. Known for the catchphrase “I have just met you and I love you,” Dug cuddles up to even the most staunch grump. Like any dog, he loves to go after squirrels.

However, Dug is different from the typical canine because he can talk through his translator collar. Owners would never have to guess what Dug is feeling since he could just verbalize his thoughts and feelings to them. Dug’s eager-to-please personality and his shaggy, doughy appearance make this dog a shoo-in for a top-notch companion.

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