2022 Jaguar I-Tempo, Aptera “never charge” life style, GM EV policy: Today’s Motor vehicle News

The 2022 Jaguar I-Rate is finding a new interface and more rapidly charging. We glimpse at what Aptera sees as the life-style for its photo voltaic-supplemented, three-wheeled, hyper-economical EV. And with its opposition to California dropped, GM supplies a a great deal much better image of the nationwide policy for EVs and greenhouse gas regulation that it hopes to see from the federal govt. This and extra, below at Eco-friendly Motor vehicle Stories. 

Basic Motors has presented a sketch of its current policy place on emissions and gasoline overall economy regulation and electrical autos, in a letter sent to EPA Administrator Michael Regan previously this week. It soundly supports California’s direction, but asks for a “compliance pathway” from the federal govt, with boundaries like all those voluntarily reached with California via 2026, then a federal policy supporting EVs with coordinated coverage that contains infrastructure. 

The 2022 Jaguar I-Pace is shortly arriving in the U.S. with many of the adjustments we envisioned for the (skipped) 2021 design 12 months. Exclusively, that indicates speedier charging, a new infotainment method, a better camera technique, increased about-the-air update potential, and far more.   

The EV startup Aptera has furnished an update on how it sees the operator life-style surrounding its impending solar-supplemented “never charge” EV. We’re instead amazed to see surfboards and a pop-up tent. 

And Honda recently slimmed down the 2022 Insight lineup, adding additional than $2,000 to the foundation cost of this 52-mpg hybrid. Above at The Vehicle Link, you can examine all about the 2022 Honda Perception in greater detail. 


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