Automotive DVD Players – Different Approaches to In-Car Entertainment

When purchasing a car DVD player, you first need to decide where you want to put it. Do you want it to hang from the ceiling? Do you want it to be mounted into the back of the driver and passenger seats? Would you like it just to hang from the back of the seats (the less expensive option)? These are important questions to be answered and will determine your price and the amount of installation involved.

There are three main types of automobile DVD player installation: ceiling, headrest, and over-the-seat.

The benefits of ceiling installation:

  • It folds up nicely and is out of the way when not in use.
  • It folds down and is very sturdy, and won’t get knocked off or over

The downsides of ceiling installation:

  • Some require the drilling of holes in the roof of the car
  • It can’t be moved to a different spot once it is installed (without a fair amount of effort)

The benefits of headrest installation:

  • East to install. Just removed current headrest and insert new head rest.
  • Allows for dual screens, which can be great for kids and gaming, such as Xbox 360 or ps3.

The downsides of headrest installation:

  • Replacing your current headrest may not be as comfortable as your previous headrest.
  • The new headrest may not match the color scheme of the interior of your vehicle.

Finally, The benefits of the over-the-seat installation:

  • Easy and quick to install. No tools needed.
  • Easy and quick to move or remove. Again, no tools needed.

The downsides of over-the-seat installation:

  • The DVD player can get bumped around, or even fall.
  • Similarly, it is much easier to scratch the screen, as it will be closer to the passenger.

Whatever option you choose, you will love have great in-car entertainment with your automotive DVD player.

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