Deciding upon crops for your Tucson backyard garden | Household & Yard

Prospects search the collection at Desert Survivors plant nursery, 1020 W. Starr Move Blvd.

Fall is coming, and with it arrives the finest year for planting in your Tucson yard. This is a excellent time to assess your yard area and make a decision what you want to plant — no matter if it is trees, shrubs, perennials, or yearly wildflowers.

If you adore browsing at nurseries, you almost certainly have a tough time resisting some of the show plants. They’re lush, have magnificent flowers or leaves, or gorgeous construction. You want to choose them all residence — and if you happen to be like me, you routinely do! But will they do well in your property?

Selecting the acceptable plant for your demands includes a little bit of imagined. Particularly for vegetation these types of as trees and shrubs, which can are living for a prolonged time and can be expensive, it’s essential to pick out the proper plant for the right location. Right here are the points to take into account just before you make your obtain.

1. What operate do you want this plant to serve? Do you want it to give shade? Colour? Habitat? Food? Privacy?

2. How a great deal upkeep are you prepared to do? Non-indigenous plants, or those that are not adapted to our warmth and sunshine will need to have a lot much more fussing and are a lot less very likely to endure. They will have to have additional drinking water, shade, and maybe soil amendments and fertilizer. Tropical vegetation will require to be introduced inside of for the wintertime. Some fruit trees and bulbs call for a selected selection of chill hrs to bloom or deliver fruit, which will not be possible in our warm weather.