Does anyone know why the helicopter has been circling South…

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Does anyone know why the helicopter has been circling South Beaumont area? Near Pennsylvania/ First Streets.

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Please help……

Need girl scout cookies, do not wish to pay shipping costs, we live on pennsylvania ave, gotta be some way to get them

Steve and JuneBug

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If you live in an unincorporated area in Riverside County, here is your chance to tell the county what’s needed in your community. More police? Better roads? Programs for seniors, kids? Weigh in …

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Was the body of the inmate at the Larry D Smith Correctional Facility identified

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Vice President of the Beaumont Teacher’s Association sent an internal email requesting teachers’ support to postpone students returning to school, citing the purpose for the postponement was to “prepare”. It’s almost been a year since my kids have been to school. How much preparation time does the school district need? I’m so tired of the excuses to keep our kids out of the classroom. Our kids are suffering! I will be submitting comments for tomorrow’s board meeting.

Vice President of the Beaumont Teacher's Association sent...

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I am driving out to beaumont in search of a young homeless man, my daughter said he looked like a young kid who is wandering around with broken split in half shoes and a back pack, no sweater walks slowly (could be from blisters) I plan to drive up Sunday from San Diego to take him a Homeless kit and try to provide some hopefully helpful resources. My daughter tried to go back and find him on her drive out there this last weekend (she lives in hemet) but said she had no idea where he could go because the road ended and there was nowhere to go.
This lays heavy in our hearts and any information on where I can look or what streets or parks homeless may resort to is helpful. Thank you

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In Cherry Valley right now…does anyone not have power??

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when r they going 2 take down that ULGY chain link fence around our park at cherry valley blvd and Beaumont ave. a bunch of us liked 2 walk there cause w felt safe now we r walking on the streets as they r no sidewalks in cherry valley

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on the contruction at Beaumont high looks like they took out the baseball field at cherry valley blvd can’t tell about the swimming pool thou hope they didn’t take it out

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Are you tired of being home, and don’t feel like cooking? Does the family want to get out well come down to Banning Market Night and join our raffle, check out our awesome vendors.

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Are you tired of being home, and don't feel like cooking?...