Health Benefits of Skiing

Health Benefits of Skiing

After spectating the Winter Olympic athletes go for gold in the 2022 Olympic Games, it’s natural to feel inspired to get active yourself. Skiing is an exhilarating winter sport that offers loads of health benefits (plus it’s a fun way to get out in nature during colder months). Look no further for a list of the top four health benefits skiing can provide you. 

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1) Naturally Boosts Mood

Getting outdoors and exercising has been proven to naturally boost your mood and mental health. Increased levels of endorphins in the brain scientifically offer to relieve feelings of happiness. If you’re seeking this kind of pleasure, it can be challenging to find something outdoors to do in the wintertime. This is where skiing comes into play. Skiing offers gorgeous landscape views, cool crisp air hitting your lungs, sunshine on your skin, and outdoor exercise. 

2) Strengthens Bones, Joints & Core

Skiing is a wonderful exercise to strengthen your bones, joints, and core muscles. Knees and ankles endure tension as you carve down the hill, so skiing inherently strengthens those joints. Skiing has actually been proven to help prevent knee damage and osteoporosis. You may think of skiing as predominantly a lower body workout, however, that simply isn’t the case! Skiing engages your core muscles in a unique fashion. It forces your core to engage the entire time to help balance you on the uneven terrain and slick conditions. This will help improve core muscle tone and strength.

3) Promotes Healthier Sleep

It’s no secret that skiing is a total body workout (just try it one time and you are guaranteed to feel it the next day!). After a long day on the slopes, soaking in those happy endorphins and marveling at beautiful mountain views, you are sure to have a restful night of sleep. It’s scientifically proven that moderate to vigorous exercise can increase sleep quality in adults by reducing sleep onset (the time it takes to fall asleep). Exercise, including skiing, is also proven to alleviate daytime sleepiness overall.

4) Enhances Cardiovascular Endurance

Skiing is considered an aerobic endurance sport. This means it’s a great way to exercise your heart and lungs. By skiing, you can help improve your cardiovascular endurance without hours spent on the boring treadmill. The sport in turn will improve your overall stamina in everyday life. Healthy cardiovascular endurance also offers a more active immune system, better-managed weight, improved overall mood, and more! We hope learning about these top four health benefits of skiing has inspired you to hit the snowy slopes yourself. If you’ve been struggling to feel motivated during the shortened winter days, and are seeking adventure, skiing is a great choice to get out there and get active!

Writer: Olivia Forgette