How Time Will work in Marvel

The adhering to post consists of spoilers for the initial episode of Loki.

Still left a little confused by the premiere of Loki? There’s a whole lot likely, including the introduction of a complete new idea to the Marvel Cinematic Universe: The multiverse and alternate timelines. The demonstrate alone does a rather fantastic career of conveying how this performs by educational movies and discussions with the characters, but there is continue to some gray spots that may possibly depart you a little bit befuddled. How does time journey operate in Marvel? What’s the Time Variance Authority? And why was Loki arrested for taking the Tesseract when the Avengers fundamentally did the correct identical detail in Avengers: Endgame with no repercussions?

You will come across the responses to all people queries in the video beneath, in which we split down the notion of time journey in the MCU

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