How to paint happy stones for beginners

How to paint happy stones for beginners

Paint happy stones

Just after moving to the Netherlands we have begun observing painted rocks on our walks. We bought intrigued and found out there is a large “Happy Stones” movement ( The Kindness Rocks Challenge) around our space with folks leaving painted rocks for other to locate to provide the smile to their encounter. Emily of system preferred seeking for hiding places, having the biggest smile everytime we managed to uncover at least one particular. It did not take lengthy until eventually we turned obsessed not only with on the lookout for them, but also portray them. She found no issue in us beginning to paint delighted stones and leaving them for folks to obtain. My artwork trainer could’ve supplied her couple of reasons why that was not a excellent concept. I am undesirable even with most basic craft projects.

I started off on the lookout for new ideas I could do, thinking about I have no inventive bone in my human body and Emily keept brining the new suggestions from her preschool.

“Mommy, we realized about spring this week, can we make a spring stone?”

“Today we figured out about homes, can you make me a property so I can convey it to lecturers?” ( That will definitely be the ideal teacher’s working day current)

“What can we paint for the water topic?”

I could not maintain up with her tips, primarily given that I really do not know how to draw. Luckily, Pinterest is in this article to assist, it has the very best tips that can enable you paint happy stones.


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I like to paint these kinds of content stones since you just can’t mess them up. Whatever you do, they will even now search like monsters. Two eyes, a few, 4, does not matter. Large mouths, teethy mouths or crooked kinds, continue to does not make a difference. Your tiny kinds will love coming up with new tips. 


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Minions are all the fad now, specifically with a new movie. The second she witnessed the posters she decided she desires to test the out, and they ended up particularly easy to do because all the minions are functional so you can pay for to make some errors.


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A different one particular of our favorites as it is straightforward to make even for a four-year previous and me. It is not that difficult to paint happy stones if you obtain the correct thoughts that even I can make. 


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Related to bees, ladybugs rocks are uncomplicated to make. The most crucial issue for us is that they give us the possibility to be innovative and combine it up with colors and their places.


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Another member of the animal kingdom, penguins are very straightforward to paint. I regularly mess up their nose and they however glance adorable. 


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This is a good thought to entertain little ones as they can be as inventive and messy as they want. They just need to let their creativeness direct them and just dot, dot, dot on the stone.

Painting delighted stones can be a fun activity for the older people and the children. Just be warned, when your children get the imaginative bug they will continually arrive up with new thoughts of what to paint and you will have to action up your match.

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